Why Every Website Should have Live Chat to Help Brand Strategy

Every business understands quality customer service is vital to its long-term success. However, what you may find yourself wondering is what goes into creating quality customer service to help your brand strategy.

Basically, this experience occurs when your business caters to your customer’s needs before, during, and after the sale. The easiest way of doing this is by hosting a live chat on your website. While this is one reason every website should have a live chat, there is a multitude of other reasons as well.


Real Time Convenience for Your Customers

Your customers no longer need to waste time searching for a way to contact you by phone, email, or social media. Instead, they can conveniently chat with you right from any page of your website.

This allows you to address their concerns, thus improving their confidence in you and your work and overall brand. Of course, you’re also there to help them, provide them with advice, and offer them a multitude of options.


Cost Efficient

This is an excellent way to increase your revenue while giving your customers information, answers, and insight. By providing your customer with these things, they feel better about buying things from you because they know they won’t waste time returning it later because it didn’t work or wasn’t what they’d wanted. Live chat, which isn’t expensive to install, takes care of all these things. In fact, it pays for itself rather quickly thanks to the increased revenues.


Stand out From Your Competition

It’s easy to grow overwhelmed by the amount of competition in any niche today. This is why it’s so important to differentiate your business from others and stand out from the “crowd” with a distinct brand strategy.

Live chat will do this for you, and now you’ll be in contact with your client through every point in your sales funnel. By doing so, you give your client a lot of value. Marketing Power even conducted a study showing your live chat’s clients are three times more likely to buy something because of the direct, personal interaction you’ve had with them.


Deepen Customer Relationships

Retention is vital to your business’ long-term growth, sustainability and overall brand strategy. Customers who return to your website are likely to spend more money, refer friends and family, and remain loyal to your business. This is because live chat fosters long-term relationships that show your company cares about its customers. When you don’t put your customer first like this, your chances of success aren’t as great since today’s digital landscape affords customers greater influence than they ever had in the past.


Increase Conversions

Live chat makes it more enjoyable for your customers to interact with your business. As such, you’ll see a rise in conversions and an increase in spending. According to Econsultancy, 79% of people who prefer live chat say they do so because they receive fast answers to their questions and 49% agree this is the most efficient means of communication.

The fact that live chat is so fast and effective truly makes it more valuable and successful tool when it comes to having a positive impact on your business’ income. With questions answered so quickly, customers have more confidence, and thus they’re willing to spend more money. This is something Virgin Airlines has learned because their sales convert 3.5 times better than when they don’t get to engage in live online chat with a customer.


Need Help?

There are so many great reasons why your website needs to use live chat today. Now that you understand why having a live chat on your site is so important for your brand strategy, isn’t it time you get yours set up? Here, at Results Driven Marketing we’ll help with every step of the way. For help or if you simply have questions, contact us or call at 215-393-8700. We’d be more than happy to help you get started improving your income today.

Janeene High
Janeene High About the author

Mrs. High is the founder and CEO of Results Driven Marketing, LLC. After a year plus of intensive planning, strategy, and meetings, the business officially opened its doors.Before forming RDM, Janeene was a Senior Internet Marketing Consultant for a national organization where she achieved dramatic results in the acquisition, maintenance and retention of clients. During eight plus years, she mastered the art of digital marketing. Janeene was in the top 2% of the company for client acquisition. More importantly, she had the highest retention rate of clients. Many of her peers were happy to keep their clients for short periods of 3 to 6 months, Janeene, on the other hand, created her unique retention system, that RDM employs today. Using her system and applying the company’s software allowed her to keep her clients for years and years. Many of her original clients are with her today. While working her way through college at Pennsylvania State University and subsequently earning her bachelor of arts degree, Mrs. High worked with a direct marketing company where she broke national sales records and also national consistency records. Starting as a marketing specialist in the field, Mrs. High was soon promoted to a branch manager in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Janeene's branch office was the third highest producing office nationally. Subsequently, Mrs. High was again promoted to the district manager level. During the majority of her career, she has specialized in advising small to medium businesses.