Using LinkedIn For Social Media Marketing and Generating B2C Leads



Hacking LinkedIn to Generate B2C Leads

Being on LinkedIn is now more a compulsion than a fashion statement. Since it practically is teeming with people who are looking for services, that means more jobs from different clients and a truckload of leads that are qualified and can be potentially turned into clients.


In the worst case, you can find many referrals on this platform. We as a digital marketing agency put this in practice, and it shows since we can reap the benefits from it. Now you as a professional on LinkedIn might not know this since you’re either just starting up or you aren’t able to garner the much-needed leads. So, we’ve collected some of the best hacks for you to utilize and in time, get some benefits too.


Connections Matter

Hitting that connect button on the “People you may know” list that LinkedIn offers you can just be your best decision yet. And the best part is that it doesn’t even take but a minute out of your day to actually do that, and in time could lead to some very promising business propositions.


An Up-to-Date Profile with an Eye-Catching Description

To get a commercial and competitive advantage, you need to put a description that stands out. Let your prospective client know exactly what you can offer in addition to filling out all the required information about you. Including this in your profile will go a long way in scoring some leads for you, which might also boost sales in your particular niche.


Groups and Their Benefits

Joining or being a member of various LinkedIn groups is a great way to generate leads. By now, you should know your target audience and know their likes and dislikes. But if you don’t, then you should research about it and find a LinkedIn group that has an active forum of clients in your niche.

After that, any active group that you join, you can’t be a mere spectator. Neither can you incessantly promote your product or service. You will need to add value to the conversation, answer questions that are being asked and build your authority. You should post links to your website only when relevant.


Using Virtual Assistance

As a results-driven marketing agency, we recommend the use of a virtual assistant. If you want to use B2C lead generating strategies, you can make use of a virtual assistant to connect with people around you. Being personal with people is imperative and can go a long way in generating leads for your business. Although it’s not compulsory to use a virtual assistant, you could train them to represent the ethos of your company.


Remember the Connect Action

Even when connecting with people recommended to you by LinkedIn, make sure you only connect with people you know. And if you’re reaching out to people you know either via reading about them or after hearing from an acquaintance, let them know that while you reach out.



Friend of Your Friend

In a day, take some time to investigate the connections of your contacts. This helps in meeting people that although you do not know, you’ll love to know them. And also, these connections must connect with your audience type, as this helps in maximizing all resources they can offer you. When you are connecting with people in the same niche, send them something that could be useful for them, or they could share with their audience.


You can either use these hacks and tips personally or if you’re busy, find a social media marketing firm to properly manage your profile.


The experts at Results Driven Marketing have been helping customers turn their LinkedIn profiles into lead generating machines, essentially “Turning Clicks Into Clients.” If you’re looking to step up your game on LinkedIn and be found by more people who are looking for your services, contact us at (215)-393-8700 to find out how we can help.

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