How to Use Search Engine Optimization Tools to Market Events

How to Use SEO to Market Events

Marketing events can be done in the traditional way, or it can be kicked up a notch by using SEO tools. These tools, if properly used by you, can create awareness on any topic of your choice. We as a digital marketing agency live by these rules, but have you implemented them for your business?


We’ve listed a few tips below to create awareness on exactly how you can manage your event and boost SERP ranking on search engines such as Google.



Be very careful with your keywords use, as it matters regardless of the topic you choose. Your keyword selection will go a long way in increasing SERP ranking if you target the right audience type. In events, there are mostly two types of audiences – there are those that go to an event (simple) and then there are those that go there to support a common cause.


Your job in this scenario is to select keywords that will attract both types of individuals to your event. You could dedicate different web pages to the two audiences as it will increase site traffic. Also, carefully choose keywords and do not over-specify because building awareness for the wrong audience is not going the get you the results you’ve been searching for.


Domain Authority

Google’s new algorithm updates prefer websites that have been around for a while. So, to create awareness of your event, you have to start early and repeat the same every year. And to build that trust, you have to post content (which just happens to be awareness content) on your website regularly; that helps build trust.


Also, any partnership you build with any online portals should be with those that have a strong domain authority already, since it will boost SERP ranking and in turn will create awareness for your event.


Mobile Experience

About 60% of web searches are performed on mobile phones. Now imagine the amount of traffic your event will get if your website is properly optimized for mobile phones. In order to do this, do a research on Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) search result which is one of the most powerful predictive search engines available. The AMP is used to cut down websites’ load time.

So converting your web pages to AMPs will allow your website to load quickly and search engines (Google) definitely would love quality user experience.



Do Not Change Your URL

Year in, year out – there should not be any changes in your URL. For events that occur annually, most organizations create new pages every year, and then the chase for higher SERP ranking begins anew. This defeats the purpose and you have to start from scratch every year. For example, event pages that already have good SERP ranking are always linked to the organizations supporting them, so abandoning that page is letting go of all that trust that you’ve built up with Google.

Therefore, using the same page that has already generated a healthy amount of traffic is advised as there can only be progress and is much better than starting anew.


Using Microformats

If you’ve attempted to search for the birthday of Albert Einstein before and before you could even tap the search button, the answer has already been displayed, then you already know microformats.


Fortunately, Google loves that kind of thing and they’ve already given you the tools to do that on your pages. It’s like you can read your user’s mind.



These SEO basics and tips can help you create event awareness. At Results Driven Marketing, we’ve been helping our customers market their special events over the years. Essentially “Turning Clicks Into Clients.” If you’re looking to be found by more people on search engines who are looking for your services, contact us today at (215) 393-8700 to find out how we can help.

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