Top 5 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO Results


Top 5 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO Results



Responsive web design is an approach of adapting your web design in a way that responds to the user’s needs irrespective of screen size, platform or orientation. People today are addicted to their smartphones. By the looks of it, the situation isn’t going to change anytime soon. Apropos to the current environment, responsive web design is not an option anymore. It has become a standard necessity, no matter what industry.


Many studies conducted recently have proved that the inevitable has happened; mobile web browsing has taken over desktop as the first choice for web browsing. However, the response from businesses and online industry to this new change has been slow.


A search engine is going to be favorable to websites that are optimized with responsive web design. If you are not seeing benefits from your SEO program, you should consider upgrading your design to be mobile responsive. Here are five reasons why you should make your shift.


  1.     Enhanced site usability: Your customer is unlikely to stick around your website if they cannot navigate around easily. Responsive web design makes navigation easier and improves readability. This ensures that the user spends greater time on the site. Search engines view ‘time on page’ as a basic index of a site’s value. A good score makes sure to earn repeat visitors and conversions. Responsive web design is essential for a good user experience, and the search engine is going to appropriately reward responsive websites.
  2.     Quicker page loading: Page speed is the determination of how fast the content on your page loads. Time and again, search engines have indicated site speed as an important measurement to rank pages. Apart from providing for good user experience, page speed must be faster to improve ranking on search engine results. Websites that are in compliance with responsive web design load faster on any device, leading to a positive user experience and a boost in the ranking.
  3.     Reduced bounce rate: Bounce rate is the number of visits where the user from the landing page leaves your website without browsing. How quickly your visitors backtrack or leave your website matters when it comes to SEO. A search engine interprets a shorter dwell time as an indicator that the content that the user found on your site was not conformant to their needs. This will result in a negative modification in your ranking for that particular query. Content alone cannot be held against bounce rate at all times. Many times, design overshadows the content. If the content is great, but the design restricts easy comprehension, there is no incentive for the users to stay on the site. A responsive web design provides a crisp environment which captures the undivided attention of the user.
  4.     Minimal duplicate content: A separate website for mobile clients requires using a separate URL. However, the content on the desktop and mobile URLs are the same. This duplication of content can put a serious dent in your rankings. A search engine requires an intimation from you on which of these sites, content is original and important. If you do not let the search engine know, then it will decide for itself. The result? Almost always your websites will end up lower on search results. It is a known fact that independent mobile sites do not fare well in search engines. Adopting a responsive web design is advantageous so that you can focus your SEO on one single site.
  5.     Improved social sharing: Responsive web design is inherently made to make social sharing easy for mobile users. Although social shares do not have an impact on SEO and rankings, they help in building an audience. The more the audience, more is the traffic and more are the chances of engagement. This will make people search for more about your brand and finally the search engines will take notice. A website that is not responsive is going to have a tough time in convincing visitors to stay, let alone use the social media sharing buttons.


A responsive web design is like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only does it reflect well on your business, but also contributes to SEO. So, what are you waiting for?


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