Tips to Increasing Your Results with Display Advertising

Display Advertising

In the world of marketing, especially internet marketing, display advertising often gets the short end of the stick. Often overlooked in favor of search engine marketing and other forms of online advertising or even accused of being too invasive.

Display advertising banners gets a bad rap, but if done correctly it can bring great results. It can be a significant step in building brand awareness or even getting customers. Really, all it takes is a little creativity and the understanding of how to create meaningful customer interactions, optimize your campaigns, and turn your banners into clicks and conversions.

Now that we went over what Display Advertising and it can help you business, are you ready to maximize your ROI and created focused display campaigns that connect with potential customers? Here are some tips to help!

Know Your Audience

This seems obvious and should be done with any campaign you run, but if you aren’t pinpointing your demographics, your display advertising will probably be ineffective and will likely be very costly down the line. Identify the customer you are looking to reach. You should start by creating a buyer persona. The persona should include information such as age, gender, income, values, opinions, location, online behavior, etc. The more information you can obtain and the more in-depth you can be the better. Good, relevant information greatly increases your chances of successfully reaching your audience.

Know Your Objectives

This is important because if you do not know what you want to achieve with you display advertisement you will not have success. First, ask yourself, why am I running display advertising? If you don’t have a definite answer, hold off with running an ad or campaign and first get one. Having a definite objective will help you create a marketing campaign to meet the desired effect you have for your campaign. Are you trying to promote a new product? Are you trying to reach a younger audience? Outline your goals so then you can create an ad with purpose and best adjust or modify your ad to reach the desired audience and have the desired effect.


Create Great Content

Creating good, entertaining content is very important. Online users want to informed while being entertained, if you do not put the time to create cool, engaging content you will find it difficult. We know this is arguably the most difficult and time-consuming part, but the benefits will be well worth it. There are many ways to go about this, it could mean incorporating memes, videos, or something purposefully shocking, your digital advertising and really digital marketing strategy has to be compelling. In the age of online marketing, you are essentially competing with every other company that has an online presence. This, of course, means that your display has to stand out. It must be eye-catching, relevant, and enticing. Remember online users are far more likely to interact with media-rich content as opposed to only text-based content.


Call to Action

Developing an effective call to action is a very important in display advertising because it tells your customers what to do. You want them to click your advertisement and be redirected to your landing page, which is a page that is designed specifically for the campaign you are running. How do you accomplish this? Larger font on your link, a discount coupon, a free e-book down, etc. the options are endless. Remember a call-to-action aims to attract the user’s attention and make sure they complete the critical step of clicking your banner and hopefully even more.


Native Ads

It is usually referred to as “sponsored content,” native advertising is when ads are integrated into a website’s content, so they’re hard to recognize as ads. You are essentially trying to camouflage you advertisement as natural content that is part of the website. It is frequently seen on Facebook, blending into a given user’s feed by matching the aesthetic and function of the platform as though it is an organic update. This form of display advertisements generate more clicks and, according to Social Times, native ads that include rich media can boost conversion rates by 60%. Here’s another interesting statistic? Native ads are viewed about 53% more than most display banners.


Enhance Your Landing Page

The landing page is a very important part of a well execute display advertising campaign. This the end-goal, where you want the potential customer to end up. It is important that the landing page is well-maintained, functions properly, and its design is consistent display advertisement the user gets forwarded from. This is where you get leads, convert your leads, and get the user to engage you. Make sure that give the landing page just as much attention as you give your marketing campaign. This is important because it could be the difference between you getting a customer or even losing one.


Tracking Statistics

You must track the activity your banners get and also the users who are clicking those banners. Be sure to collect as much information as you can to make more well-informed decisions as which market segments you should be targeting and which, or what types of advertisements are working best.

This is also very important when running A/B Tests, what good is running different forms of similar ads when you do not know which had better results and the best you can do is guess or go with your gut feeling. This is the wrong way of doing it.


Utilize Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to connect with people who have already visited your site or shown an interest in your products or services. If a lead has visited your site without buying anything remarketing allows you to reconnect with them by displaying different ads from your campaign or sending your ads to their other devices. Remarketing gives you a greater chance of reconnecting with a potential customer and develops brand recognition.


Need Help?

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