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A Good Marketing Analysis Will Help You In Many Areas Of Your Business
Most Importantly It Will Help To Gain MORE CUSTOMERS.

Innovative Marketing Strategies To Help Your Sales Explode!

Controlling every aspect of your business is one of the most challenging tasks an owner faces.  You deal with top management but it can be tough to know what is going on in each area of your organization.  Results Driven Marketing wants to ensure your business is successful in every way. Marketing is responsible for lead and call generation. From there it is in the hands of your staff to appeal to the caller and real them in.

When you take on our marketing analysis services, we take responsibility in helping your staff to understand what they need to do to get new customers and how to keep them.  As the owner, it starts with you.  In our many years of experience, we have found that one of the biggest issues a business owner can face is how to train their staff to handle customer interactions.

A new caller’s first impression is the initial phone conversation.  Whoever answers that call needs to be on top of game.  When multiple calls come through, it can be monotonous for the staff member, and sometimes tiny details can slip through the cracks.  Our team of Marketing Consultants will help eliminate any minor slip-ups.

First Step

Identity Problems

RDM’s Team of Marketing Analysts will perform an audit of your campaign which will include what happens once a prospect contacts your company.

We will look at a few things during the review:

1. We will monitor how your staff answers the phones.

How they sound.

Are they friendly?

Do they know the responses to the caller’s questions?

How long are they putting the caller on hold?

Do they give directions to the potential customer to ensure they show for their appointment?

Do they take names and numbers before transferring the call?

Do they ask for call back numbers in case the call is dropped?

2. We will work with your staff members to help increase productivity. We will let you know the area(s) where they need improvement.

3. We will also analyze where your marketing dollars are best spent.  Many times, our clients are advertising in places that don’t give them a strong return on their investment. Using our ROI tools we can track how many calls you are getting from multiple sources, we can let you know what the actual rates of returns are for marketing dollars spent on directories and other marketing sources.  We will tell you what’s working and what’s not!

Second Step

Address Issues

Once we have identified the areas that need improvement, we will share our findings with you.  Sharing our findings can be the hardest part of our job.  Sometimes the person that has been with your business the longest may be a significant problem in attracting and retaining clients.

Our job is to help your business, so we ask that you keep an open mind when you receive our feedback.  Even the most efficient and profitable companies have room for improvement.  RDM’s primary goal is to help position your business so that you can beat out the competition and increase market share.

Third Step

Create & Implement A Plan

Once we review the audit together, we structure a plan and provide detailed recommendations that will increase sales.  Most of our recommendations are simple to implement.  Some may be fundamental, but could take a bit more time to execute.  If you follow our recommendations, your sales will increase.

We provide a step by step guide on what areas need improvement and how they should be managed.  Our analyst team has helped hundreds of organizations achieve their sales goals and improve profitability!  We are confident that if you choose to utilize our service, and place your trust in us, you will not be disappointed.

Fourth Step

Review Progress

After our plan is implemented, we start the process over again.  We look for the same things we did in the initial process to see if they have improved.  This is our favorite part of the job!  We love seeing the campaign results!

Remember, if you take our recommendations and advice and deploy them then your sales will improve.  We know that running a business takes a lot of time and effort.  If you allow us to work with you we will eliminate the small things that have a large impact, all while you run the business!

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