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Business Consulting

RDM provides exceptional Internet Marketing Consulting.  We provide technical auditing of various internet related services such as your website, SEO strategy, SEM, and more.  Additionally, we offer employee training for those in your organization who interact with clients/customers that have reached the company via internet related campaigns such as PPC and Social media.


Further, we will work with departments not typically associated with marketing for the enterprise.  We integrate existing departments into your digital strategy which allows the entire company to understand the common vision and mission.


Consulting will help your employees to flourish better within the organizational design and structure.  We examine the link between the goals of your company and how managers and your staff are working together to achieve those objectives. We work closely with you and your senior management team to establish company expectations so that each employee strives to establish a positive customer experience.


In order to achieve this RDM will help you with the following:

  • Identify your goals
  • Incorporate a system for customer retention and satisfaction
  • Implement team objectives and goals
  • Identify Leaders within your organization
  • Assess current method
First Step

 Conduct An Analysis Of Your Organization

Through our call tracking system and data analysis, we identify and analyze the techniques your staff uses as a baseline for discussion. We will look into how the phone calls are being handled, how customer questions are answered, if the employee sounds friendly, and what they are doing to get the client/customer to the next step with you.

We know that each call that comes through is a chance for you to grow your business. Lost calls are now sales for your competitors. If calls are lost due to poor handling, this can be easily fixed and you will not lose any more customers!

Second Step

Identify Areas Of Improvement

No matter how successful your organization is, there is always room for improvement. We will determine where the problem areas are and offer solutions to help your business achieve optimal success. You will find that once these problems are addressed and fixed your business will meet objectives easier.

Third Step

Introduce New Methods To Ensure That Your People Are Well Trained And Know What Is Expected Of Them

Your staff may not be aware that business could improve just by a few minor changes. We will introduce a ‘How to answer phone properly’ guide, how to handle calls, how to close more business and how to get customers to tell their friends about the products and services your organization has to offer. Our goal is to make sure that every call that comes through has the highest potential to turn into new business.

Fourth Step

Implement Promotional Techniques To Get Your Team Excited About The New Direction Your Company Is Taking

No one will take your business as seriously as you. It is imperative that we implement techniques to ensure your employees are on board with the growth opportunities we present to them. We will strategize with you to create a plan that will get your team excited about the new direction we are taking. We want them to work for you as hard as they would work if they owned the business. There will be incentives given out to ensure appreciation of those truly dedicated.

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