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Do you need more customers?  Finding clients can be a discouraging task! Most companies have tried using different forms of advertising looking for the best bang for buck. Would you agree that it would be much easier and a more efficient use of your time if your clients found you? With search engines, like Google, who change algorithms (the heart of their systems) regularly, companies must stay on top of their SEO technology.

Choosing the right advertising partner is crucial. The experienced staff at Results Driven Marketing will ensure that your website uses the best strategies and tactics for today’s SEO. Even when the algorithm changes, we are on top of it immediately. We inform you of when it occurs and then develop a plan to take advantage of the changes, working to maintain and improve your positioning and ranking.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from the “organic,” search results on search engines. In the modern era where the Internet of Things is becoming more of a thing, a search begins with Google; but all other major search engines from Bing to Duck Duck Go have show search results in response to questions or queries.

These results are displayed on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and ranked based on what the search engine considers the most recent, most relevant and most trustworthy result.

Results Driven Marketing is a Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization firm with a firm grasp on how to optimize websites for all major search engines. We break the process down to 4 general steps:

First Step

Keyword Research

Many times, when people search for services they type in keywords that you may not associate with your product/service. Keyword research allows us to find what is most popular, what your competition  uses, and what we need to optimize your campaign correctly. Combined, these enable you to understand the ways your clients or customers are searching for your services.

For example, if you are a Workers’ Compensation lawyer, you might assume people are searching for your services using “workers compensation lawyer” alone. But are they also using other words?  Chances are that yes, they are! People tend to use many words or sets of words that you might not even consider regarding your product or service.  By example:  If you are a lawyer in Philadelphia someone may type “lawyer near me”, someone else may type “lawyer in Philadelphia”, where a 3rd person may type “lawyer in center city”.  All three are looking for a center city lawyer, but all three examples phrased it differently.

The big question is how do we get you to show for any type of keyword search? RDM uses historical data and industry related keywords to create unique solutions to be seen on relevant searches.

WARNING:  if an ad agency limits the amount of keywords in your campaign, you should consider turning and running.  Vendors limit keywords, so they don’t need to spend enormous amounts of time in keyword design.  Limiting keywords is a red flag when engaging a digital ad agency. RDM customers can have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of keywords in their campaigns.  We are always researching and adding quality keywords to make each campaign perform optimally.

Second Step

Quality Content is a Necessity

Using keyword research is the foundation to knowing what content your potential viewers are looking for. Should a prospect click on your “dental implant” ad, they must land on the exact spot in your website that shows the product/service they are expecting to find. If the content they are looking for leads them elsewhere, forcing more clicks and not directly providing information on the implants, you will probably lose them after you paid to get them to your site.

To eliminate the chance of wasted money, search engines, like Google, will see if you have that the relevant content directly located on the page where the prospect lands or not. Your content should not be overly technical.  The average person looking for the product or service may not care about the technical specifications, especially in your ads. Keeping a general users mindset in focus, you will see better results.

At Results Driven Marketing we make sure that the content directed is of upmost interest to the searcher.  This is possible because of unique software and tools we use to stay on track and keep the end user in mind. Having excellent content will result in paying less for the most optimized ad possible!

Third Step

Build Links

Link Building is one of the most important steps for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines change their algorithms regularly and have treated links sort of like votes for popularity! Links are a large portion SEO and help when it comes to organic searches because views come from the links that are used elsewhere.

Search Engines analyze the popularity of websites and pages but also factor in things like spam, trust, and authority. Trusted sites tend to connect with other trusted sites, while sites that are considered to be spam will receive few links from trusted sources. At Results Driven Marketing, our Search Engine Optimization Team knows what it takes to make sure you are connected with the right sources across the web.

Fourth Step

Be Social

Over time, links lose some of their value. This happens for a few reasons. Some sites are very picky about linking out. Others block links to help fight spam. Some links get bought and sold, making them less trustworthy. This is where social media comes in.

If links were a way for people to “vote” for the most popular sites, social media sharing and engagement is a way for the voting process to last. Social signals are becoming extremely important in regards to website ranking factors as search engines determine how to leverage our social interaction and behavior.

Our social media marketing experts develop a plan to help you gain more social sharing and engagement across all social media outlets. When you have more engagements and interest from your local community or fan base, you are viewed as a relevant source for those searching for your products or services. Your ranking is greatly affected by what others say about you online and if they are interested enough to share your organization’s information. It is not about just having a Facebook page or Twitter account, it is about utilizing it to its fullest potential to ensure relevancy exposure across the search engines!

And What is SEO for Results Driven Marketing?

At Results Driven Marketing SEO covers a wide range of tasks for each customer’s website, including initial setup and best practices to ongoing maintenance. We work with keywords and keyphrases, page titles and descriptions, Google webmaster functions, and structured data. We work with articles, blogs and infographics to help increase organic traffic by tying the content to the keywords and the HTML coding of the website.

We Are Your Google Girls and Guys


Results Driven Marketing embraces the Google culture as well as its methodology. That shows up in the way we do things around the office, but also in how we approach SEO. We treat Google as the benchmark in online searches and tailor our activities to maximize results from Google’s search engine. The Google Algorithm and the Google bots that crawl and index sites are the signals we are investigating and tracking. Our “Best Practices” for SEO are designed to get the attention of Google first, and the rest of the search engines second.

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