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People Are Searching For You, But Are They Able To Find You?

No matter which search engine your prospects use, we’ve got you covered! We will help you reach local consumers across major sites like Google and Yahoo/Bing. Search Engine Marketing can be complicated, so let our online marketing professionals help you build your web presence so you can focus on your business.

It’s easy to get started: Meet with us in-person or electronically to determine your budget, sign our working agreement, and then relax because we do the rest! Along the way, we will keep you informed and conduct research on your top competition.

Based on the information that you give us, we will build a comprehensive plan.  We will set the plan in motion and get your campaign designed, built and started.  Allow 5-7 business days for the setup and then your campaign is live! Should you conduct searches on the major search engines, you will see your ad, cost-free.

First Step

Understand Your Marketing Goals

Creating a marketing plan can be daunting, but it should be at the top of every business owner’s strategic list. A marketing plan is designed to help you keep your company on track to achieve your goals.  The plan includes important steps to keep you on the path of excellent customer/client relationships and the path to reach revenue goals.

Our Internet Marketing Professionals will meet with you, learn more about your business and then provide a free web presence analysis. Once you decide to move forward with us, our professionals will develop a detailed Online Marketing Plan for your company. Are you looking to brand your business?  Maybe you are just looking to generate leads and hot prospects.  No matter what you are looking for, Results Driven Marketing will map out a plan specifically for your business, designed to get the results that you need.

Companies of all sizes need to have a clear and detailed marketing plan.  The plan must include a full understanding of clients and competitors.  At Results Driven Marketing,  your tailored online marketing plan will provide you with the online roadmap, but more importantly, it will generate exceptional results.

Second Step

Optimization Based On Conversions, Not Just Clicks

Your Internet marketing campaign will be assigned a Team Lead and Account Manager.  The leaders daily task will be to review your account and make sure it’s operating optimally.  Within a few weeks after your campaign goes live, your account manager will report the progress of your campaign to you.  “Your Google Girls and Guys” are proactive with sharing results and will keep you in the loop.  We will go over campaign changes made, the number of keywords assigned, as well as the number of clicks and calls you received.  Your account manager will also go over strategy and performance while sharing ideas about geographic and other essential characteristics.  You can expect to gain a thorough understanding of your Internet Marketing plan.  They will share ways to navigate quickly through our portal, view reports while allowing you to make the most of your time and our resources.  You or your team members are welcome to call your account manager or any of our “Google Girls & Guys” to have any questions or concerns covered.

Third Step

Monitor And Report Success

The results you will receive from your Search Engine Marketing campaign will be backed up with data in our reporting system.  You will have 24/7 access to your reports and should you be on the go, you can go online via our mobile app.  At any time of the day or night, you can see where your calls are coming from and at the time of day/night that they occur.

You can customize the report to receive as little or as much data as you like.  Our standard reporting includes everything needed to analyze your campaigns performance. Reporting includes important details such as what time and day of the week you get the most calls. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to look at your reports, our account management team reviews the internals to the reports daily.  Either way, our account management team will make sure that you understand all aspects of the report, our system, and the campaign.

Fourth Step

Review And Analyze

After we’ve had time to get representative data from your campaign, your Internet marketing consultant will confer with you to discuss the progress of the campaign. You can expect our “Google Girls and Guys” to be proactive and accountable.  They will explain how your campaign is performing so at this time, you can expect to have a better understanding of your campaign’s success, suggestions on ways to improve your campaign, and how to navigate through our portal to view results on your own time. We want to make sure that any questions you may have are answered. Of course, at any time you contact your representative with any questions or concerns.

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