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What Are People Saying About Your Business Online? Let Us Monitor And Take Control!

Your online reputation can make or break how successful you are as a business. Unfortunately people tend to believe negative reviews over positive ones. If you are a business that has no online reputation at all, that can be detrimental as well.

Thanks to social media and review sites like Yelp, we can build a positive online reputation pretty fast. Reputation management services at Results Driven Marketing can help your business build and maintain a positive online presence, so when people look you up, they can find relevant information about you and decide whether or not they would like to hire your organization.

We recommend unique ways to drive reviews to sites like Google My Business and other directories online. We will publish positive comments and reviews to all of your pages as well as monitor the web for negative comments, mentions, and reviews so you are in control of your online reputation. This way, you can respond to them quickly and effectively.

First Step

Become Well Respected

When your target audience searches online, they tend to look for an organization with positive reviews from other customers. Establishing trust can win or lose you, clients.  Trust is very hard to gain and it is very easy to loose.

RDM Online Reputation Specialists will help you become well respected.  We provide you with a step by step guide on how to grow and have your online reputation flourish. All you have to do is implement the suggestions given and watch your reputation grow!

Second Step

Monitor What People Say About You

It is crucial to monitor your online reputation.  People regularly use social media to ask questions about companies, look for referrals, or try and contact businesses. Consider that someone browsing on Facebook was recently injured at work may be in need of legal aid. When they come across your Facebook page, one of the first things they will look for is reviews of your company. Having an Online Reputation Management company, like Results Driven Marketing, who monitors what people say makes all the difference between a prospect ready to engage in the business transaction, versus a person moving on to find another attorney.

Third Step

React Quickly & Politely

Let’s face it, as an owner, it can be nearly impossible to please everyone. There may be someone out there who doesn’t agree with your tactics, or they made assumptions that are incorrect.

Once someone has voiced their opinion online, they have announced to the world that they had a bad experience with your business. You have no notice and many times your phone calls or inquiries begin to slow down. This common occurrence is known as an Internet Marketing Crisis. Timing is the most important factor when it comes to crisis management. The problem needs to be resolved or consequences will occur.

You and your team must process what has been said and then figure out what happened. Once the situation is assessed, crisis management will go into effect with the help of RDM.

After receiving a negative comment or review, the Results Driven Marketing will respond positively to the response in hopes to relieve the reviewers feelings. With RDM responding for you, we remove the emotion and reduce the risk of you responding in a way that is not received correctly. Trust is hard to gain, and we work feverishly to keep and gain trust for your company.

Fourth Step

Ask For Help If Necessary

Have you ever had that one bad review that just won’t go away? Have you struggled with an online reputation strategy? Don’t wait to get help!

RDM’s Reputation Management Experts will help you every step of the way. We approach each client differently by building a strategy and a plan to keep your internet reputation clean. Nobody can control what people choose to say about your business, but we can manage reviews with a timely, well thought out and educated response. Let us manage your reputation today!

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