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Why ResultsChat?

Many business spend large sums of money on digital marketing and advertising. We know that most searches are done during the work day, but a majority of contacts are done in the evening or overnight.

RDM’s goal is to make sure clients or prospects have the best experience with your business as possible. Many times the prospect is looking for an immediate answer to their questions even if it is 1 AM on Saturday and you are closed.

Our data has proven that installing our ResultsChat tool with a live agent gathers more potential clients that would have moved on to your competitor! RDM Agents answer questions to potential customers when your business is closed. RDM provides you with the service and people, enabling you to focus on running your business while generating more leads.

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, plumber, or contractor you can benefit from having a live agent who is always available. Most searches on the web take place from 9 AM – 5 PM. Many of your potential clients are searching during work hours too. Often they can’t pick up the phone to call if they are preoccupied while at work, but they will engage using chat. By having a live chat agent on your site, people get instant gratification!

First Step


Pay Per Performance Pricing

ResultsChat is easy to evaluate since we only charge for each sale lead that we send to you. If a prospect does not enter their contact information when chatting with one of our agents, you are not charged! If the prospect provided incorrect information, you would not pay as well! If any aspect of the program does not work, you won’t be out any money,  not even a dime! We guarantee ResultsChat will improve your lead generation!

Call Connect

After the ResultsChat Agent engages with the prospect through chat software, our Agent can literally connect the prospect via the Agent Connect feature to your office. The operation is seamless and the result is improved conversions and user experience.

24/7 Coverage

No matter what time of the day a visitor arrives on your site, our agents will be there to assist them with whatever questions they may have. Our goal is to make sure that each visitor that comes through gets service in a timely fashion.

Second Step

Increased Conversions

Live Chat allows you to increase your chances of turning a visitor into a conversion. Giving your prospects a variety of different ways to contact your business gives an easier user experience. The more comfortable the experience, the greater opportunity for conversions!

We also want to ensure we don’t lose their interest because no one was there to answer their questions. Your website visitors expect immediate answers to their questions and if your visitors don’t get information fast, they will move on to someone else. By having a live chat agent on call, RDM can ensure that you will not lose them!

Third Step

Responsive To All Devices

The ResultsChat Agent is a real human being that is available no matter how your prospects contact them. They are not just used on desktop P.C.’s or Mac’s, the agent it is available to your visitors on any device they are using including smartphones! Mobile traffic is rising with enormous speed and is becoming a must way to connect with people whether that are at work, home or on the go.

Fourth Step

Easy To Implement

Enabling Live Chat within your marketing system is an easy process that doesn’t require much work on your company’s part. A real plus is that the start-up costs and ongoing costs are minimal.  Once you decide to sign up for ResultsChat, we provide you with a code that needs to be inserted onto your website and we can easily do that work for you!

Once installed, ResultChat agents takes it from there! Agents are available to your clients or prospects 24 hours a day. We create a script that RDM agents will follow with your approval.

Rest assured that RDM agents will accurately answer all questions that website visitors may have. The questions and responses posed by agents are approved by you beforehand. RDM agents will acquire the prospects name, number, and a brief description of what service they need. If they don’t provide quality lead information, then you are not charged.

You will also receive a written transcript of the exchange at no additional cost. We can even set the service up to connect calls to a number that you provide. It could be a sales manager or whomever you designate.  Before a call is transferred we confirm that it meets specific parameters so that no-one’s time is wasted. Studies prove that the more forms of communication throughout websites is the key to having an excellent conversion rate.  ResultsChat is an excellent, low-cost, high return form of communication for those visitors to your website that are interested!

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