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Think of display advertising as an online billboard. Traditionally, many businesses pay large amounts of money to have a billboard on a major highway in hopes that their target audience will see it, creating awareness for their brand.

With online display advertising, we can target users who have already expressed interest in the products or services you provide.  Our technology allows us to follow users when they surf online. Once a potential client or consumer clicks on your website, we can track their surfing behavior and display your business ad to them.  This subtle presentation of your ad will keep your business at the forefront of their mind.

First Step

Set Goals

Successful online Display campaigns must have a solid plan to follow.

Ask yourself these questions:

What are your goals?

Why are you running a Display campaign?  Is it to raise brand awareness?  Increase website traffic?   Lead generation?

Once you decide on what you are looking to achieve, we will begin to work towards these goals.

With Display advertising, you need to decide exactly what you want gain from it which is why having a plan with goals is essential to launching a successful Display campaign with the results that you are looking to achieve.

Second Step

Define Your Target Audience

Once you’ve selected who you would like to see your ad, you must go further and figure out what demographics you would like to target. Your target audience comes from the people you would like to reach through your online Display campaign. Internet advertising gives you the ability to reach a vast and diverse set of people.  Clearly defining target audiences is a must!

Quality Display ads must show to those who express interest in your products or services or a serious waste will occur. RDM Display Consultants will condense your target audience through a series of questions covering demographics, behavioral attributes, and more.

Third Step

Buy Media

Once your goals and target market have been determined, the next course of action is to define what publishers should handle your ad. Thousands of publishers could display your ad but will they all produce results?  Doubtful! Your RDM Display Consultants will select the right publishers that will distribute your Display ad.

For example, an attorney may be looking for clients that were injured on the job, and are between the ages of 18-50 years old.  RDM will target only those websites that are tailored to that particular demographic.  There are thousands of publishers where we could have your ad displayed and guiding customers through the maze is our specialty.

Fourth Step

Develop Campaign Creatives

Traditional Display advertising may have been a good in the past but as we move further into the digital age, digital display is the new black!

Consider a highway billboard. The audience drives by quickly, and you only have a small moment to make an impression. With Internet Display, the game has radically changed! You no longer just hope that the right people will see your ad, you know they will!

With today’s technology, Display is an inexpensive way to capture the attention of those searching that fit your target audience model. The ads still must be eye-catching and designed to make people click further.

Our graphic designers will capture the attention of your target audience using experience, creativity, and highly advanced software.  Multiple ad sizes need to be built, and we take care of them.  We can create ads that are static or dynamic using flash technology and/or videos.  At RDM, we will build and promote a creative Display brand that is distributed across thousands of websites.

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