True Mobile Web Design

Give your customers a premium web experience on their mobile devices.

Designing Creative & Stunning Mobile Browsing Experiences

Recent statistics show that about 43% of organic Internet searching traffic is conducted on mobile devices. The current projections for mobile usage growth estimate mobile doubling by 2019. If your site is not mobile-friendly, meaning it can’t be viewed properly on tablets, smartphones, and similar devices, you are missing almost 50% of those that are searching viewing.


A True Mobile site is not like the traditional responsive or “mobile-friendly” sites. Instead, True Mobile sites make maneuverability much easier and the website more accessible. Things look better and are rendered to fit the screen size.

First Step

Understand Your Audience & Goals

RDM will discuss your long-term goals and determine your current web usage and needs.

We will then create a website that caters to your audience and their particular needs. By bringing in the right group, we increase conversions and watch your business grow.

Second Step

Visual Design that Engages Your Audience

Mobile devices with smaller screens must allow for ease of maneuverability when browsing a website. A True Mobile Website allows your smartphone or mobile device site visitors to browse the site using a user-friendly interface, condensed navigation, and design elements. And at the same time, your PC, Mac or tablet users get the same great user-friendly interface. You are engaging your audience and helping them to understand clearly your company’s products or services. We work with you to create a situation that benefits both parties.

Third Step

Usability Testing & Analysis

During this phase, we test and analyze the response from your true mobile site visitors. By watching traffic and the actions of visitors, we can help your organization determine what is working and what adjustments are needed. Remember, the goal is to optimize results to provide the best mobile user experience.

Fourth Step

Refine & Adjust Mobile Strategy

By this step we now know what works and what doesn’t. We help your business stay nimble by refining your market strategy while capturing new opportunities that may exist. Using a scientifically proven process of pro-active analysis and measurement, we help your business connect with new customers. This proven process allows your business to adapt quickly to changing customers’ needs and implement cost-effective improvements, adjustments or updates as necessary. Talk to us today about the benefits of an effective and successful true mobile site today!

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