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Logo Design  – Conceptualize And Design Beautiful, Custom Logos That Are Memorable.

When considering a Logo and Brand Design for your company, a lot is riding on the message you are trying to portray. If you have already started the search, you will notice many companies claim they will design your logo for $40 or less. Be cautious of sites like these. They are mostly people with little experience.

Research is required to create a custom design that represents your business, and that should be paired with the final design of websites. Results Driven Marketing is a creative agency that will take the necessary time to research your market, understand your goals and objectives, and provide creative options and powerful solutions to help your organization properly start the branding process.

First Step

Defining The Problem & Understanding The Goal

Having a clear understanding of our client’s vision from the start of the logo design process is the most important factor when starting a new logo design.

Asking questions such as: What makes your company unique? Who are your top competitors in the local marketplace? What keywords should best describe your new logo?  Have you come across other logos that have caught your eye?


The answer to these questions will help set you up for a successful deliverable. This information is vital and allows us to design a logo that incorporates all aspects of your business. The more we know upfront at the start of the project, allows us to deliver the results you need and require at the end of the project.

Second Step


After receiving all of the information pertinent to the logo, we will begin extensively researching information about your company and your competition. In-depth research will allow us to create a unique logo for your organization which is the first step in building a brand. Your identity needs to convey a strong message that people will remember. At Results Driven Marketing, we are confident in our research analysis for your industry and marketplace that your design will have excellent results!

Third Step

Brainstorm & Sketch Concepts

Our professional sketch team using highly advanced graphic imaging software will sketch out numerous designs and present the best options to you. This creative process allows us to use the combined artistic talent and graphic illustration software so that the strongest of the design options are created. This process requires intensity, technological knowledge, and artistic know-how. Once the creative juices are flowing, each design takes on its life creating a pathway for the final presentation.

Fourth Step

Exceed Expectations

Our goal is always to exceed client expectations. From the initial design stage, up to the time we deliver the designs for consideration, we keep you posted every step of the way. You won’t have to wonder how the design is going as we will give you our anticipated time frame for the presentation of various models. Any questions or concerns that you have will be answered within 24 hours or sooner. Each design presented will convey the professionalism and the message that you want your target audience to receive. At Results Driven Marketing we will help you stand out in the marketplace. Call us today for a logo design consultation at 215.393.8700 or email us at info@digitalrdm.com

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