SEO and Content Marketing are Intertwined and Work Great Together

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You’ve definitely heard the phrase “Content is King.” But have you ever wondered what it really meant? Or if or how it could help the online presence of your business?


At its core content marketing is using content to gain customer and drive sales, the big thing is that the content has to be relevant and engaging. There are many ways go to about using good content in a digital marketing strategy, but there are some things you must remember:

  • content is not an ad
  • you have to be seen
  • calls to action must be simple


First, let’s relate this to your everyday life, while everyday life is different than content marketing, the concept behind the phrase “Content is King” still applies.


How would you feel if you walked into a showroom and instead of being attentive to your needs, the salesperson just tried to push a product? The salesperson did not care about what you want but just wanted to sell you a product for his or her own gain. You wouldn’t be happy; you’d actually probably be pretty annoyed.


On another note, how would feel if visited a website or a piece of content that you thought would be educational or help but instead focused on pushing and overselling a product? You probably wouldn’t want to buy the product and be pretty annoyed or might even feel you just got scammed.


In both of these cases, they’re most likely an honest business trying to sell a product or service which is useful.


But all too often companies forget about the customer and that the customer doesn’t really care about your product, but rather they are more concerned about how it can help them resolve their issues.


Even if your business is making life easy for your customer by solving their issues, you should focus on the benefits they derive out of using your product rather than talking about how great your product is.


What has all of this got to do with content?


In the age of the Internet, most businesses would have a difficult time sustaining themselves without a strong digital marketing strategy. And content is a crucial part of it.


Instead of what happened in the showroom story, if the salesperson was more attuned to your needs, and focused more on help you solve your problem or satisfy your need as opposed to just focusing on selling their product they would probably have gotten your interest and potentially secured a sale. And then if he genuinely pointed out things that were beneficial for you and that he care, maybe it would’ve earned him a loyal customer.


Similarly, to build confidence and trust in your brand you need to put your customers first. You need to create good content with a cause. It is important to create content with the customer in mind; we usually like to focus on “writing for an audience of one.” This is important because it forces you to focus on your target audience, which is who you should care most about. Why waste time and resources on someone who has no interest in what you have to offer in the first place?


Once you start doing it on a consistent basis, people will notice and will come back for more.


Relevant, good and useful content is just as good for big corporations, as it is for small startups. Content now comes in various mediums to keep your consumers engaged. It could be written, an infographic, videos, podcasts or any combination of these, each medium can bring you great success it’s just a matter or creating good content.


How do reach an interested audience?


More importantly, how does it find them and how do they see it?


There are many options, one of them is SEO. You’ll have to make sure your website and its content are relevant, as you are attempting to rank for relevant keywords that people are searching for. This will allow search engines to pick up your website and show it higher on the results page when people search for the specific keywords. You have to make sure the content is relevant to the keywords. As search engines aim to make the experience as user-friendly as possible this will only become more important.


The best way to get your content seen is through a combination of SEO marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. All of these are help you in their own way. As mentioned before, SEO allows you make your content more search engine friendly and rise in the organic section of Google and other search engines. The other two work a little differently, for search engine marketing you pay for ad space to have your content seen/ads seen. Social media marketing is great as it allows you to interact with potential customers and also share your content, two very good important factors in reaching a larger and more relevant audience.


Using SEO and content marketing together is that much more effective, and will allow you to get more and better results. Remember, boosting your SEO and content value is not an or night thing, it takes time and you have to commit and trust the process.


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