Is There a Correlation Between Social Media Marketing and SEO?


Is there a correlation between social media marketing and SEO?

Does social media marketing influence your SEO rankings? There’s a lot of debate on this topic online. Initially, Google and Bing both agreed that they look at social signals for gauging popularity. In 2014, Matt Curtis made a statement that said Google doesn’t use social signals for ranking web pages. Bing soon followed suit.


No matter what the bigwigs say or the “experts” have you believe, there’s no denying the fact that social media is an essential part of driving traffic to your website as well as helping with branding efforts.


Keep in mind the search algorithms are constantly changing. Their goal is to get better and relevant information on what people are searching for. So even if social signals aren’t officially part of SEO ranking metrics of the search engine giants… who’s to say things couldn’t change in the future?


Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not places that you merely post your updates; they are used by people to search for businesses, and as time goes on they will gain even more importance.


It didn’t take long for digital marketing agencies to realize the potential of social media as a critical tool for digital marketing. And, from our experience of helping businesses over the last decade, we’ve realized that social media practices DO help boost SEO of your business. Here are some tips we’ve put together for you to help you boost your rankings.


Promote Your Articles On Social Media: The links to your articles on social media might not have enough link juice to help your article rank, but it sure drives traffic to your site. It also helps articles get discovered quicker.


Another advantage of posting on social media is quickly being discovered by a lot of people. If your post goes viral, thanks to your content, there’s a greater chance of the post being cited by other authoritative forums and posts. These mentions are sure to help improve your backlink profile.


Content for Your Social Media Posts:  It’s very difficult to predict what kind of content will be popular with your audience. You’ll need to test and figure out what works.  What most digital marketing experts believe a post should have to go viral are searchability, scannability, and shareability.


Create content tailored to keywords that people are searching for or questions they are seeking answers for. It will help you draw more visitors to your posts or website if you are answering queries.  Most often you’ll read or hear that long type of content performs better than short, but this depends on the intent of the article.

Even if you write long posts, it should help people scan through the article via sub-headlines, paragraphs, bullet points, tips, conclusions, etc. This helps guide people to the sections they are most interested in if they are short on time. Having a mix of infographics, tables, and sections that are easy to comprehend will help people grasp your content easily. This will also make your content more likely to be shared.


Brand Building:  When you search for a business online, more often than not you’ll find their Facebook page if they have one, or Google+ page show up at the top in the search results. So you know that social media pages are crawled and indexed.  People visit your social platform pages to get a general feel for your business/ customer relationships etc. Therefore it shouldn’t be taken lightly.


It becomes all the more important to have a completed profile and content that is inviting and will want to make them like your page or follow your business. If used correctly, this could be a great association of the prospective customer with your brand.


The more likes or followers you have on your pages, the bigger your reach becomes and ultimately helps your SEO rankings.


Creating a social media strategy can seem very confusing with so many different platforms and equally varied opinions about them, but having a social media presence is essential for digital marketing strategy.


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