Playlist Friday: Favorite Songs from the 90s


We are feeling nostalgic this Playlist Friday. Did you know that most of the people the work at Results Driven Marketing were born in the 90s?  I guess that means everything made in that generation was the best, including music!

At our agency, we handle a variety of digital marketing services such as content marketing, search engine optimization, web design and much more. It is important to note that our industry as a whole came to fruition during this time period. Google was founded in 1998, which changed and revolutionized the internet forever. It gave data driven people like us the chance to build businesses around it’s all encompassing power. Besides all technological advances, the nineties also had Lisa Frank designs, hilarious tv sitcoms, and Tamagotchis! What’s not to love?

Nothing helps our team Turn Clicks into Clients more than jamming out to our weekly playlists. We have so much fun curating songs to a new theme every week; check out what Results Driven Marketing is listening to this week below!



Janeene High
Janeene High About the author

Mrs. High is the founder and CEO of Results Driven Marketing, LLC. After a year plus of intensive planning, strategy, and meetings, the business officially opened its doors.Before forming RDM, Janeene was a Senior Internet Marketing Consultant for a national organization where she achieved dramatic results in the acquisition, maintenance and retention of clients. During eight plus years, she mastered the art of digital marketing. Janeene was in the top 2% of the company for client acquisition. More importantly, she had the highest retention rate of clients. Many of her peers were happy to keep their clients for short periods of 3 to 6 months, Janeene, on the other hand, created her unique retention system, that RDM employs today. Using her system and applying the company’s software allowed her to keep her clients for years and years. Many of her original clients are with her today. While working her way through college at Pennsylvania State University and subsequently earning her bachelor of arts degree, Mrs. High worked with a direct marketing company where she broke national sales records and also national consistency records. Starting as a marketing specialist in the field, Mrs. High was soon promoted to a branch manager in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Janeene's branch office was the third highest producing office nationally. Subsequently, Mrs. High was again promoted to the district manager level. During the majority of her career, she has specialized in advising small to medium businesses.