The Key to Better Content Marketing: Stop Trying to Sound Smart


The Trick to Getting People to Read Content: Stop Trying to Sound Smart


Content is considered the proverbial king of internet marketing; well-written content should not only engage but also persuade the reader to part with their money. You may wonder if blogging is so critical, then what exactly should a blogger do to make their content more likely to convert?


The common mistake most writers make is that they often attempt to sound smarter, which doesn’t necessarily impress the readers. We all prefer two-way communication than just being fed with information. Good writing is usually so compelling that it doesn’t look like writing at all and sounds more like a conversation between the reader and the author. The best content must be comprehensive and transparent without losing the significance of the underlying message. Here are a few tips to get people to read your content.


Use Simple Words


You don’t want to create a distance between your reader and yourself, do you? Effective communication doesn’t require complicated or fancy words. Use simple words for expressing your thoughts. You certainly don’t want your reader to open up a dictionary while reading your blog. Readers lose their track if they have to struggle to understand the meaning of words used in an article. Making your content easy to understand will help keep your readers engaged.


Be Specific


Nowadays, you will have access to an abundant amount information which you most likely want share with your audience.  However, if your article is too long, the reader can sometimes lose interest or doesn’t comprehend the underlying message the article. You must be clear about the message you want to convey to your audience. Once you know how you want your audience to feel, write about it rather than beating around the bush.


Don’t Be Repetitive


You may want to emphasize the underlying message to your reader throughout the article, but that doesn’t mean that you should repeat the same sequence of sentences over and over again. You may choose to use different examples which will put the message across. This would not only help your audience receive the message but would keep them interested and engaged. Always proofread your article to ensure that you haven’t made grammatical errors, repeated the same sentence, and used incorrect words or spellings.


The Magic of Active Voice


Would you enjoy reading content that you can’t connect with? Use the appropriate voice while writing your blog. Your audience will be able to relate to your blog if the content is written in active voice. Step into the shoes of your audience and read what you’ve written. It will give you a sense of whether it makes sense and connects with the audience. Only if you want to make your blog more pretentious, should you use passive voice; else you know what you should choose.


Impact of Bullet Points


Using bullet points in internet marketing helps the readers to scan through the important points and saves them time. But, you should be mindful that the bullet points make sense and don’t leave your reader wondering and guessing. Make sure the bulleted list is a complete thought and not just the beginning or part of a thought. Your bulleted list must create a flow for your reader, as if you are reading a rhyme. Also, make sure that you use common parts of speech and the same grammatical form.


Digital marketing has a lot of moving parts, and one of the important parts is content for your campaigns. At Results Driven Marketing, we’ve been helping our customers increase qualified traffic to their websites with the help of effective content; essentially “Turning Clicks Into Clients.” If you’re looking to be found by more people who are looking for your services, give us a call at 215-393-8700 to find out how we can help.

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