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You have probably heard about the beauty and positive effects of setting up an email newsletter list and promoting subscribers. It is a great way to stay in touch with people who are interested in your business, and it provides you with a great many options for pitching sales and bringing in leads for business.

This more than likely means that you have put in a lot of work into setting up an email list, and you might have done what you can to get people to sign up.

One thing that you might not have thought about, however, is people choosing to unsubscribe from your list after already signing up. People unsubscribing from an email list is a real occurrence that for the most part can be avoided, these internet marketing tips can help you prevent people from unsubscribing.

Do Not Send Too Many Emails

Nowadays, people have a ton of emails to deal with on a daily basis. Along with all of their personal and work-related emails, a lot of people are on multiple email newsletter lists for all sorts of things they’re interested in. This can add up to too many emails being received on an average day, even for individuals who constantly keep up with their inbox.

Usually, when people find themselves being overwhelmed with emails, they start unsubscribing from some of their lists. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to clean out the email box and keep it from getting so full and cluttered in the future.

Just look at these numbers, email users receive an average of 88 emails per day. That is a crazy amount and hard to keep up with. If we only consider a regular work week, people receive about 440 emails per week. That many emails can be very hard to get through. Who has time to spend hours a week looking at email?

So, if you don’t want your list to be one of the first to go, make sure to avoid being the list that clogs up your readers’ inboxes every day. Avoid sending out too many emails, and you should strongly consider allowing subscribers to choose how often they would like to receive the newsletter.

This helps eliminate the problem of subscribers getting more emails than they would like, which in turn helps keep your list off of the chopping block when they are looking to streamline their email experiences.


Make Sure the Content is Engaging

Don’t just send out mass emails to your email list and subscribers just for the sake of sending something out. Make sure the content is interesting and that they contain information that your readers can enjoy and benefit from. Always take the time to come up with great, interesting ideas for all of your emails and any content you put out; in fact, it’s usually helpful to have and use a content calendar, much like you would use for a blog or social media. This will help you to brainstorm and come up with great ideas and content for each newsletter.

Don’t Make Them Overly Salesy

Obviously, the whole point of sending out emails to your subscriber list is to generate and build leads and make sales. However, do not be too promotional. This cannot be overstated, if you are too overly salesy, your readers are going to get irritated. No one likes feeling like they are constantly being pushed into buying something.

Instead, focus more on making your newsletters actual, useful content. Make it interesting and informative while tying them into your products and services. The sales will then happen naturally, while your readers will feel like they have more to gain from your newsletters than just constantly advertisements.

Make Them Easy to Read

Your emails should look good on both computers and mobile devices, and they shouldn’t be too cluttered or unprofessional looking. Remember white space is your friend and do not be afraid to use it. Space your content out to improve its readability. Consider testing your email newsletters in various email platforms and on multiple devices. Remember the number of website visits, Google searches, and email is being done through mobile devices. Mak sure your content looks good across all the devices and make necessary tweaks.

Need Help?

Since you put a lot of work into your email newsletter list, it would be a shame to lose subscribers and have your hard work not be viewed. Following the tips mentioned above can help you not only gain more subscribers but more importantly keep the ones you already have. These are some of the things we do here at Results Driven Marketing to keep people engaged and reading. If you need help or have questions about email newsletters or any other internet marketing topics, do not hesitate to contact us.

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