Help Your Business Get Found With These SEO Marketing Tips

SEO Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Get Found 


The greatest challenge in today’s digital world, if you’re running a business is to be found. Almost every kind of enterprise that you can think of has at least a handful of competitors, and everyone has a website. Just registering a website and putting your best content forward isn’t enough to get your customers to you.


So what do you do?


We are sure you’ve heard of the terms SEO (Search engine optimization) and SEM (Search engine marketing). Search marketing previously known as search engine marketing is an umbrella term over SEO and SEM.


What’s the difference?


Before we get to the details, it’s important to understand that these two approaches are fundamentally different… but they can be used to complement each other and create a robust search marketing strategy that’s beneficial for your business.


SEO definition according to Searchengineland is “the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines”. It is very similar to building your reputation through PR. It’s a process to optimize your assets on the internet so that you rank on search engines, and drive traffic to your website as a result.


A result driven SEO Company can help you with SEO strategies that will help you boost your search rankings by increasing the amount of traffic to your website.


On the other hand, SEM is to get desired traffic to your website by paying to list your ads. Most people identify Google Adwords as the only paid listing, although there are several other channels available on the internet today.


Today we’re going to talk about a few tips that will help you improve the outcome of your SEM strategy.



Keywords are as important for your SEO strategy as they are for SEM. You essentially want to target the keywords that people are using to search for your product or service. There are various tools available to help you with keywords and specific metrics like volume, close matches, alternatives, and trends.


Some of these tools are free like the Google Adwords tool and There are several paid tools in this space that can give you much deeper insights like SEMRush, Results Driven Metric, Longtail Pro, and Market Samurai to list a few.


Pro Tips:              


  1.       When you’re doing keyword research, it’s not a smart idea to go for the obvious high volume keywords, especially if you have considerable and big name competitors. It’s prudent to look for long tail keywords with lower competition and respectable search volumes. This is the basis of the metric we developed, the Results Driven Metric.


  1.       If your business caters to the local market, there’s no point serving your ads all over the nation. So when you select the geographical location to serve your ads keep this in mind.


  1.       Make sure your ads are served when your customers are most likely to be online and not 24/7. This will get you the best results when you know your customers thoroughly.



Keeping Costs Low:  For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to talk about Google Adwords. There’s a bidding process that goes on before your Ad goes live. Google decides on the amount it’s going to deduct from your account for each click on your ad.


There are two factors that make up this amount. The AdWords quality score and the amount you bid. One of the ways to reduce your CPC(Cost per click) is to improve on your AdWords quality score. A digital marketing agency can help you make the most out of advertising dollars.


Pro Tips:

  1.       The copy of your ad should be enticing and should reel in your prospective customers. It needs to stand out with either good positioning or an enticing offer.


  1.       Make sure your website landing page doesn’t have a high bounce rate, or it will affect your AdWords quality score.  Apart from having quality content on your landing page that is relevant to your ad, make sure your Google page speed score is respectable. Also, website designing for user experience is important, as we’ve written multiple blogs on the topic.



If your business has a website that needs some SEO help, get it touch with our web design experts. We’ve been designing websites and using the latest trends in the industry for over a decade. Contact Us at (215) 393-8700 to help you create a website that drives in more customers, and we will also be happy to answer any questions you have.  


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