The Google Girls: How the Philadelphia Eagles are Rising to the Top


How the Philadelphia Eagles are Rising to the Top

Here at Results Driven Marketing, most of the Google Girls are very big Philadelphia sports fans! I, for one, consider myself a “die-hard” Philadelphia Eagles fan.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved the Philadelphia Eagles. Being born into a very die-hard family on the outskirts of Philadelphia helped me to become a huge Philadelphia fan. There are many pictures of me donned in little Eagles outfits from the time I was a baby and all throughout my childhood. I am pretty sure I was singing the fight song before I learned how to even string a sentence together!


Philadelphia Eagles fans are often known for their sometimes over the top, passion, dedication, and commitment to their team. Sports fans in Philadelphia are awestruck due to the outstanding 6-1 record in Week 8. In the NFL Power Rankings, The Eagles are No. 2 right below the Super Bowl Champions of 2017, the New England Patriots. This is the best start that the Eagles have had since 2004- the last time they made the Super Bowl (knock on wood).


This is exactly what Philadelphia fans have been waiting for. In many other years, the bittersweet Monday night game on October 23rd against the Washington Redskins would have ended very differently. But there is one big factor to why the Eagles had one of their biggest wins to date; Carson Wentz.


Carson Wentz, the Philadelphia Eagles 2nd year quarterback, is leading the team and proving that he is a definite franchise quarterback for the Eagles. In his short time with the Eagles, he has turned the team around into something that is incredible to watch. Many of his fellow peers have nothing but good things to say about Wentz.


“I talk about how great and how athletic he is and how he has a great arm, but the attention to detail, the film study, the professionalism he has as a quarterback is second to none in my opinion,” – Nelson Agholor.


“Magic. To be as young as he is and do some of the things he does, you forget that this is only his second year,” – Malcolm Jenkins.


Despite the win, the Eagles did take a huge hit from losing key players this season such as Jordan Hicks, Darren Sproles, and Jason Peters. This will a be a tough loss for the team, but it will be interesting to see how they bounce back from both losses.


Wentz is not the only player contributing to the 6-1 record. Players such as Zach Ertz, Malcolm Jenkins, Nelson Agholor, Fletcher Cox, LeGarrette Blunt, Lane Johnson, and even rookies Corey Clement and Derek Barnett are all contributing to the winning team effort.


This Eagles season, so far, has been one of the most exciting ones that I can remember. I will never forget being just 7-years-old and watching the super bowl with my whole family in 2005. I am confident enough to say that one day, us Eagles fans will be lucky enough to carry a Super Bowl title. Until then, Fly Eagles Fly.


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