Google Girls’ Introduction to : A Structured Data Memoir


The Google Girls’ Introduction to <girl_Kode/>: A Structured Data Memoir



The world of structured data, coding, and technology has been dominated for decades by the male sex, due to the “masculinity” and amount of “power” this industry holds, up until the 21st century that is. Men do hold the higher number of warm bodies in the field, at a whopping 73% while women are the smaller 27%. Even though men have the higher physical presence in the coding world, women have more success in statistics, which is what really matters in the end, am I right?


Women who have sent their code to Github, a California- based coding community that collaborates on coding projects with users across the nation to come up with different types of suggestive solutions to coding problems, have a higher success rate when it comes to their code being accepted compared to the men. At 78.6% of acceptance, women overrule the men, who hold a 74.6% acceptance rate. ~Girl Power~.


What can the possible factors be that are contributing to this success of the female gender in the highly competitive, highly male-oriented industry you may ask? I’ve got some answers.


  1. Women are more likely to have the, “I always need to do more” type of attitude due to the plain and simple fact that we are women. We care. Sometimes too much, whether it be about the wellbeing of life, how clean the house is, or how well we are doing in school, it is in our DNA to take care of the things we care most about. In some powerful, bad ass women’s cases (like my boss Janeene High), this works well when it comes to having to take care of your baby (code/work/a real baby) every second of its little life until it is matured (able to be coded onto a website/business is built/baby is growing and healthy).


  1. In a study conducted by the Level the Playing Field Institute, “82% of men in startup believed that their companies spent the ‘right amount of time,’ whereas women who had their own startups amounted up to “40% who did not think they spent enough time on their business”.


Exactly like my reason listed above, women are simply more motivated to put in the extra time, usually resulting in more success.


Personally, I am OCD. Everything in my room is kept in the same spot, my room is always clean, bed is always made, life is (90%) put together for a 22-year-old. I also have to know the answer to everything and understand why A equals B and what you have to do in order to get from A to B. Which is probably why I found the structured data world to be almost as attractive as a room full of puppies.  




I was hooked as soon as I sat in one one of our “Lunch N’ Learns” topics that outlined the basics of how structured data is the mastermind behind ranking positions for Google. I just had to know more!


I soon found out that structured data is one particular concept. In order for Google to crawl, analyze and rank your page, everything has to be perfect. Your schema needs to make sense, your code needs to be error-free, and you need to be patient. Probably where me being OCD works best because constant analyzation of code is needed if one little thing is off. A comma out of place can make your page go from having a rich card all the way at the top of page one, to being lost in translation.


But once that code works, it is the best feeling in the world! My relationship with the Structured Data Testing Tool provided by Google is very off and on. Sometimes, my code works right from the get-go by having all the data related to each other in the way Google wishes, and then sometimes it just shuts me down for whatever reason it wants. Structured data is very give and take, but I can say I take more than it gives because I learn something new every day to improve my coding skills, benefiting my future as a female in this male-driven industry.


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