What Goals You Should Have While Doing Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing can help businesses achieve their goals when they take the time to plan and execute them well. A lot of people don’t exploit the power of the social media channels to the fullest.


The best place to start any social media campaign is to define your goals. Every business is unique, and you as a business owner must have a target in mind before you start, so that you can plan accordingly.


Some of the goals you could choose from are listed here:


  • Building brand awareness: It doesn’t matter if you’re a newly launched store or already an established business… with more than 62% of the population on social media channels you’ve got to be present where your customers are.


The later you get in and the longer you stay away you’re going to lose getting in front of your potential customers.


Measure of Success: Depending on what your brand is, you can measure the effect of your strategy, by measuring likes/ followers, reach and engagement of your channel.


  • Driving traffic to your website: Social media is a good way to channelize traffic to your website especially if you’re offering a product or building a list. You’ll need a creative strategy that’s cohesive with the content on your website ( more on this later).


Measure of Success: Fire up Google Analytics for your website, and it’ll show you, the amount of website traffic that was directed from Social Media.


  • Looking for qualified leads or inquiries: If what you’re offering on your social channels are engaging enough and you’ve created a name for yourself… inquiries are sure to follow. People will start looking at you as the go-to person for your niche.


Measure of Success: You could either lead your customers to your website and ask them to fill in an inquiry form, or have them leave you a message on your social channel.


The more detail you put into creating your business’s goals, the more ROI you could derive from investing in Social Media Marketing.


Knowing the audience: You’ll always have to set your goals, keeping your customers in perspective. The current social media landscape with all its inbuilt tools, lets you take a peek into the people who you’re interacting with on a daily basis.


It can provide you with the details of age, location, devices they use and also times they are most likely to be online. Being privy to these insights can make your strategy for creating social media marketing content much easier.


Customer Engagement: If your business is on Social Media, it’s bound to get direct feedback from current and potential customers. An enterprise should always seize opportunities like these, to aid conversation, be proactive and make sure the customer is heard.


According to a study done by social media today, 71% of customers are likely to recommend your brand if they had a favorable social media service experience. You can also use user experience to increase engagement, and you can read up about that there.


Social Media Optimization: Social Media Optimization( SMO) is a key component of making your social media marketing strategy efficient. It’s similar to SEO and can be done by adding links to content, social sharing buttons and updating status, tweets or posts.


Making it easier for people following your brand to share, start talking about it and hang around longer on your page.


Effective Content: A few pointers on creating social media content that ensures high customer retention rates:


Social Media Marketing is a critical part of any Digital Marketing strategy and a rapidly progressing field. If you would like to read more of our thoughts on social media, check out our blog on How Social Media is a Great Tool to Grow Your Business.


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