Digital Marketing: The Basics Behind Link Building for Your Company


The Basics of Link Building


Search engine algorithms sift through many factors when crawling through pages on the internet.  Among the factors that they use for ranking, inbound links from popular websites leading to yours can play a substantial role in increasing your website rankings.


So when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, link building is one of the areas that you might want to focus on.


What is Link Building?


When we talk about link building, we are mostly referring to inbound links or backlinks (other types of links are outbound links and internal links). Backlinks are links from other websites leading into yours. Search engine crawlers look for the total number of backlinks and also the authority of websites that point towards pages of your website.


  • A popular and authoritative website linking to yours enhances your ranking. On the other hand links from suspicious, spammy websites can result in a ban for your website.
  • Links from websites that are relevant to your niche say listings of summer art camps for kids will help your kid’s related website rank higher.
  • For local businesses such as real estate, medical or law practices links from websites that cater to the local community will increase local SEO visibility.
  • Links which are inbound which have relevant anchor text help your SEO. For example, if your window cleaning business website is linked to the word “window cleaners” then that will help your website visibility more than just the generic words for example, “click this”.
  • More than half the Internet is spam, so in order to show that your website is trustworthy, links can help. BackLinks from authority websites such as .gov or .edu will help search engine crawlers recognize your website as a non-spam, and a trustworthy one. The higher number of such links the better.


In a sense, backlinks are like peer-reviewed content or website. The higher the Domain Authority website that’s linking to you the better your reputation gets on Google.



Getting Started on Link Building


  1. Keywords


Imagine you want to rank for a keyword like “glass making”. You should first check the search results for that word. You will see a number of websites that are ranking for that keyword. Your best bet is to earn inbound links from those web pages. While it may not be easy, even a handful will help with your SEO. You could also get a lot of info by analyzing how the top results are using backlinks to their advantage.



  1. Competitors


If you are just starting out, identify a few potential competitors who are already ranking for the keyword that you’d like to rank for. Analyze the backlinks profile of each competitor using a backlink analyzer. It will give you a good idea of how you should create a strategy and the next steps that will get you there.



  1. Maintenance


Broken links tend to accumulate over time and they are inevitable as your site grows. Many links don’t remain valid or shut down over time, and can cause links to them show a 404(or url not found).




Search engine crawlers also check the freshness of your content and its usability. This is so that they can ensure that they are providing the most relevant and up to date data to its users.




So, keep working on gaining inbound links for your website. As for broken links, many tools are available for auditing broken links on your website. Once you’ve identified the 404 links, either remove them or update them. This will also help your SEO ranking.




Backlinks can also give you referral traffic as well as increase website traffic and visibility. If you need help implementing this strategy, Results Driven Marketing are the experts in “Turning Clicks Into Clients.” Contact us today at (215) 393-8700 to learn more!

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