Why Changing Your Website to HTTPS is Good For Your Website

Creating a functioning and good website is not something that can happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, energy, and sometimes money to get a good site up and running.


Just as modern day technology does, the internet is constantly changing. Users are using more than just a computer to surf the web. To make sure your users are quickly maneuvering your website, you need to stay up to date with changing technology.


Since Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving – your site’s usability affects your Google search rankings.


In short, you may not know that your site needs an overhaul. It can be difficult to try to stay in tune with all of the changes that occur behind the scenes. Thankfully, many different signs can show that your website may be in need of a facelift.


Below, we listed some signs that may indicate that your site is in need of an upgrade and redesign.


Slow Loading Pages


Google will boost your website if your site contains high-quality content and useful content for their users. Google’s algorithms rank pages that have faster loading times rather than ones that have slower loading times. A website with a more rapid page response is not only suitable for practicing SEO best practices, but it will also be useful for the users. If site users encounter a site that is too slow, they will most likely not stick around on your site.


You can check the overall speed of your website through the PageSpeed Insights tool. Your site may not need a complete redesign if it is slow. It could just be that you need to work more on specifically the speed of your website to make for a better user experience.


Technical Errors


Are there any technical errors on your page? To check if there are any technical errors you should test it out for yourself! You should also check to see how long users stay on the page. If they are only staying around for a couple of seconds, there may be some technical errors on your website, such as a 404 error.


View your website from the eye of the user (use different browsers or monitor sizes- this could be the issue). You can also use Google’s Search Console to check for errors.


Poor User Experience (UX)


Have you ever been to a website that has so many pop-ups that you cannot easily access the content? Google will penalize those types of sites, and the average user will leave the site quickly if what they are looking for cannot be easily found.


If the navigation on your website is confusing as well, the user experience may be poor. Make sure that your site has a flow and is easy to use for all users.


Mobile Friendly Websites


More and more users are trying to utilizing the internet on their phones rather than a computer. In fact, nearly 60% of searches occur on a mobile device.  In design, make sure that your website is compatible with a mobile device design. Also, make sure that your site’s landing pages are accessible on a cell phone.


Google has a fantastic free tool that lets you test how your website responds on a mobile layout. Just enter through your site’s landing page and see how it performs. The tool searches on a standard operating level (3G). This is an excellent opportunity to see how well-rounded your site is!


This tool will show you how many seconds or minutes (Heaven Forbid) it takes for your site to load. The tool also has a cool option of showing you the percentage of users you have lost from a slow-loading website. There is also an option to pull up a free report that gives you many options to fix your site’s loading time.


Andy Favell’s column How to optimize your mobile site speed: Testing for issues will show you more in-depth problems and options to explore when your site may not be running at the speed that you want.


Outdated Web Design


Have you ever heard the saying that by the time you buy a new computer, it’s already outdated? It is the same case for the internet. By the time you update your website, it is already depreciating regarding being fresh with Google’s algorithms.


Remember how websites in the 90’s were all grayscale with neon colors, Blinking buttons, and lots of graphics? While many of these old sites are still up and running, they are not enticing enough for the user to use. For example, take a look at www.ifindit.com.


Did you ever hear the expression that first impressions are everything? This phrase pertains to websites as well! A poor website design will not only make you lose credibility, but it will also make you lose viewers fast. Haven’t updated your site in a while? Consider contacting a credible Digital Marketing agency to help you with this process.


Modular Design


Stemming from the idea of simpler new sites, modular design is a significant factor as well. The main idea of modular design is to use a single, flexible template design that can be utilized for many different websites rather than a custom and tailored website for various types of content. Modular design is the equivalent of the intelligent content trend in the content marketing world.


While the modular design may not be the best design for all websites, but for many, it is more efficient, less resource-intensive and is a comfortable design for users to navigate.


HTTPS and SSL Certificates


Changing your website from HTTP to HTTPS may not seem like a big deal, but it very much is. I short, the difference between HTTP and HTTPS is security. Google favors HTTPS sites more because they are more secure and certified. If Google likes your way of working the internet, your ranks will be boosted! Switching to HTTPS also has many clear SEO benefits. Some of the advantages are higher security/privacy of information on your website, secured referral information, and naturally, increased ranks!


What to Takeaway


Think of the process of building your site as if you were building a new building structure. If the windows are boarded up, and the shingles on the roof are falling off, no one will want to take the time to stop in. If your business is in a rut, it may be a chance to revamp some things. Parting with the old and accepting the new may be difficult, but after the time and money are put in for a new website, it will be worth it.


There may be a chance that you are not aware that your site needs fixing. If your site needs an upgrade, the signs are right in front of you. Take a look at your site’s analytics data. Is the information being given to you any indication that you need an upgrade? Adapt to the changing times and make sure your site is user and mobile friendly!


Most importantly, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something new with your web design. This is the perfect opportunity to have fun and take risks with your business’ site!


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