The Google Guys and Girls Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday: Songs That Have Their Own Dance

Get your weekend started with The Google Girls and Guys new Playlist Friday! Enjoy our favorite songs who have their own unique dance! Check out our Instagram @DigitalRDM where you can see some of our office members getting into the playlist. Get groovin' with RDM![embed]https://open.spotify.com/user/resultsdrivenmarketing/playlist/429KozqeRDUSrYhw5z8TJd[/embed] ...

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The Google Guys and Girls favorite Disney image: Cinderella's Castle

Playlist Friday: Disney Edition!

Results Driven Marketing works hard Turning Clicks Into Clients™, but we all need a break sometimes!! Everyone loves a classic Disney movie, including RDM! Kick back the weekend with the Google Girls and Guys top Disney songs! Is your favorite Disney Song listed?[embed]https://open.spotify.com/user/resultsdrivenmarketing/playlist/2niUlyWeuKsFIdmCZymWqL[/embed]...

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