How to Build a More Efficient Link-Building SEO Marketing Strategy


Building an Efficient Link-Building SEO Marketing Strategy


Whenever there is a discussion surrounding SEO and ranking websites on Google, link-building is always a part of it. Backlinks are one of the top 3 factors that Google uses to weigh the importance of a website. There was a time when you could get scores of backlinks from sites that had no relation to your niche that you could pay for and rank.  Fortunately, those days are over, and the search engine algorithms are getting smarter than ever, so it’s wise to not use unethical methods to garner backlinks.


It’s time-consuming and a slow method which is why a lot of people try to game the system. The fact is link-building isn’t easy. A lot of people approach this part of digital marketing strategy in an abstract fashion without any aim or direction. Without a planned approach it’s difficult to get consistent results.


Have a Goal and Document Your Progress: If you don’t have a goal written down, your approach to link-building will be haphazard. So it’s important to start with a goal in mind, and then break it down into actionable items that will lead to the goal.


Tasks like searching for blogs in the same niche, researching influencers, pitching for guest blogs or creating shareable infographics… each of these strategies, when implemented, will work towards your main goal.


Incorporate Social Media: Links from social media posts on FB and Twitter don’t have any backlink juice. Then why are we still advocating it? Well if you have a ton of followers on social platforms it’s easier to spread the word to a large number of people. And if your post is authoritative and actionable it has a greater chance of being picked up by well-known publications, blogs or influencers. If the links are shared on blogs or articles of highly influential publications then you’ll have earned some heavyweight backlinks.


The most important thing to keep in mind is creating content that is likely to be shared more. Infographics and videos have a greater likelihood of being shared than plain blog posts or text posts on social media platforms.


Reach Out To Your Contacts: If you’re just starting out it will be an uphill climb to get backlinks from unknown sources. You will need help from all the places you can get.


Say you ran a crawler on a website you want a backlink from and found various URLs. And if you know someone who is associated with one of those URLs, you could try reaching out to them to see if they have a contact at the site you’re trying to get a backlink from. They might be able to introduce you.


Moral of the story is, keep your eyes and ears open. Network with people and try to help them out in advance, so that you can ask a favor when required.


Help Out With a Broken Link: A broken link won’t help with the SEO of a website. It will adversely affects their rankings. When a website has grown large it’s quite cumbersome to keep a track of external links. One of the methods of SEO analysis is to run an audit to find and fix the broken links.


Now if you’re browsing an authoritative blog or influencers’ website and come across broken links, you might just have struck gold. You should reach out to the owner of the website and let them know that there’s a broken link and you have content that would be perfect for replacement. It’s a win-win for both.


Tackling your link-building strategy could turn more effective when you use the tips outlined above. Remember this is an ongoing internet marketing exercise that you’ll have to build into your SEO marketing strategy.


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