How to Bring SEO and Content Marketing Together to Drive Results

Incorporating SEO and Content Marketing


Often times you might wonder which one you should focus on; SEO or content marketing to drive maximum traffic? The last year has witnessed many stories along the lines of “content marketing is here to replace SEO.” The two that are made out to be rivals are in fact not mutually exclusive. When you create content without any search engine optimization, you may have incredible content but no one to share it with.


Alternatively, if you choose to focus only on SEO with no content, then your customers will not be able to build a relationship with your business. SEO and content marketing share some parallels, and you can employ both seamlessly to benefit your business, instead of selecting one over the other.


Here is how you can combine SEO and content marketing together to drive results.


Get Aboard on Wikipedia


Unsurprisingly, it is always a Wikipedia page that ranks on top for any search term. Wikipedia is a powerful medium to generate traffic. Filter out the dead links on Wikipedia, and you have a great opportunity to create content for SEO. Once you find a dead link or two on a Wikipedia page, learn what it was about and create your own web page on the same topic. Now all you have to do is go back to that Wikipedia page and edit the dead link and paste in yours. This creates an account of trust, and Wikipedia does not think you are just creating backlinks to your own site.


Choose Metrics that Affect Both Strategies


You need to track metrics to know if your SEO and/or content marketing strategy is working. Pick metrics that correspond to each SEO and content marketing independently and go for both of them together. Some of the common metrics are traffic, keyword rankings, subscribers, engagement, etc.

Traffic is the most important goal for both SEO and content marketing. Keywords are important, from SEO’s point of view. A good subscriber count is crucial for content marketing and is an indication of how valuable and influential your content is. Comments, page per visit, average time spent on the page are some metrics that help you track engagement. All these metrics must increase over time.


Concentrate on Evergreen Content


SEO and content marketing intend to increase the traffic of your web page, but they do so in different periods. A new post with great content will result in quick bursts of traffic, and die down soon after. On the other hand, unless your web page is very dominating, you might get very little or no traffic. The logic behind evergreen content is that you get the benefits of both short-term traffic boost from great content and long-term traffic from SEO. Write about topics that people will find useful even after five years. You can make small edits when things don’t stay relevant with time.


Build Authorship


Having your image and name displayed in Google search results is known to increase the click rate. It also boosts your establishment as an author. Hence, it is important to display them on your web page to drive SEO and content marketing. Although many search engines refute claims about authorship affecting rankings, it allows the authors to grab the attention of the audience by utilizing the data you want to be shown. You can add a link to your web page on your Google Plus/ Twitter/ Instagram profiles to establish authorship.


Links Benefit Both Sides of the Coin


The best links are the ones that drive most traffic. Also, they are the exact ones that are deemed best for SEO purposes. A guest post on another authoritative blog is one way to do it. They bring a few links back to your website in the form of an author bio and are also known to boost keyword rankings.


You can also pepper a few extra links in the body of the post, but be sure not to do it repeatedly, or it can end up leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the reader. The other option is to request for contextual links on an authoritative page. These links are a part of their webpage and are as upfront as they can be. So, the better your content marketing is, the more such links you get.


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