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seo marketing

SEO and Content Marketing are Intertwined and Work Great Together

You’ve definitely heard the phrase “Content is King.” But have you ever wondered what it really meant? Or if or how it could help the online presence of your business? At its core content marketing is using content to gain customer and drive sales, the big thing is that the content has to be relevant and engaging. There are many ways go to about using good content in a digital marketing strategy, but there are some things...

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Display Advertising

Tips to Increasing Your Results with Display Advertising

In the world of marketing, especially internet marketing, display advertising often gets the short end of the stick. Often overlooked in favor of search engine marketing and other forms of online advertising or even accused of being too invasive.Display advertising banners gets a bad rap, but if done correctly it can bring great results. It can be a significant step in building brand awareness or even getting customers. Really, all it takes is a little creativity...

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The Google Guys and Girls favorite Disney image: Cinderella's Castle

Playlist Friday: Disney Edition!

Results Driven Marketing works hard Turning Clicks Into Clients™, but we all need a break sometimes!! Everyone loves a classic Disney movie, including RDM! Kick back the weekend with the Google Girls and Guys top Disney songs! Is your favorite Disney Song listed?[embed][/embed]...

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The Google Girls Weekend Guide

The Google Girls’ Guide to Your Weekend in Philadelphia

After a long week of “Turning Clicks into Clients,” the Google Girls take a break from all things Digital by spending our weekends out-and-about in the city of Philadelphia. One of the best things about city living is all the opportunities and events that the city has to offer each weekend, especially in the summertime. From street festivals and concerts to pop-up beer gardens and local attractions, the Google Girls have the official guide to...

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internet marketing email newsletter

Internet Marketing Tips: How to Be Successful in your Email Newsletters

You have probably heard about the beauty and positive effects of setting up an email newsletter list and promoting subscribers. It is a great way to stay in touch with people who are interested in your business, and it provides you with a great many options for pitching sales and bringing in leads for business.This more than likely means that you have put in a lot of work into setting up an email list, and...

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Web Design

What are the 7 Biggest Benefits of Web Design For your Businesses?

While it wasn't long ago that many businesses survived without an online presence, you would be hard pressed ever to find that today. Virtually every business of varying sizes (from mom and pop stores to huge corporations) has a website. A common problem, however, is that far too many businesses have poor web design, provide very little content, and are not professionally developed. When this is the case, it is essentially impossible for a business...

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google girls results driven marketing

Playlist Friday: 4th of July Edition

We are beyond excited to enjoy the long holiday weekend with friends and family. The office is buzzing, and we are getting ready by jamming out to our favorite American themed songs! We work 24/7 to "Turn Clicks into Clients" and listening to music helps keep us motivated. Philadephia is a great place to spend the Fourth of July; there is so much to do! See what Results Driven Marketing is listening to this week.[embed][/embed]...

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The Google Girls Philadelphia Music Festivals and Converts

The Google Girls: Summer music festivals and concerts in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia is known for having fun music festivals and concerts all summer long. When the Google Girls and other RDM employees are taking a break from listening to our different office playlists, we try to explore the various concerts and festivals that happen in the city!There are many different music festivals going on during the summertime. Here is a list of some of the best music festivals & concerts that you should check out this...

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Rock-Solid Branding Strategy

How to Create a Strong Branding Strategy for your Business

What is a brand? A brand is the image of everything your business is and works hard to accomplish on the back-end, behind closed doors. It is extremely important that you take it seriously, and apply the time and effort required to create a strong branding strategy. That is the difference between an unknown company and a Pepsi or Apple. Be Consistent One of the most important things is consistency.It is immensely vital in allowing your brand to...

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The Google Guys: Sporting Events To Do in Philadelphia!

Ever wonder what the folks over at Results Driven Marketing do during the summer when they’re not Turning Clicks into Clients™ and want to catch some high-level sporting action? Philadelphia during the summer is not only filled with many festivals, beer gardens, and other attractions but also with many sporting events.It is well-known that Philadelphia is a diehard sports town through and through, but unfortunately, the professional teams haven’t had too much success recently. That’s...

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