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The 5 Components of A Successful Branding Strategy

Branding is one of those concepts like “equality” or “justice” or “success.”  It’s hard to define.  If you asked 100 marketers what a successful branding strategy is, you’d probably get 100 different definitions.  In fact, when asked that very question, successful marketing strategists have provided widely varying answers. Some view it in terms of tangibles, like logo, website, packaging design and product.  Count among this group the American Marketing Association (AMA), which defines branding as “A...

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4 Video Marketing Mistakes That Can Make Your Audience Switch Off

At first glance, video marketing can seem very easy and straightforward. You simply craft a message, put in some kittens, play a catchy tune, and bam, instant viral success! The truth is it can be a very difficult task to keep your audience engaged. If you're venturing into the jungle that is video marketing in search of the treasure of the viral audience, be warned...

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Internet Marketing: Overseas Outsourcing Problems and Concerns

The use of AdWords teams, developers and writers from countries where English is a second language can be huge disservice to internet marketing agencies. I hope you gain perspective on why you or your vendors should not hire overseas for Digital marketing.  Local PPC and SEO? Local PPC and SEO written with US English is different from overseas written English.  Have you ever spoken with “Jim” when making a tech support call?  However, Jim sounds eerily foreign. ...

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Website and Logo Design—What You Need To Do For Your Business

Website and Logo Design—What You Need To Do For Your Business  How do you impress your potential customers? Encourage them to view your site and enjoy a good service experience? Have them wondering about the eye catching logo you have chosen to represent your company?Your company’s website and logo design are elements which will not only stick with your business, but also define it in that initial period, during which you want to attract as many...

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3 Tips for Creating High-Converting PPC Campaigns

3 Tips for Having High-Converting PPC Campaigns  If done right, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can turn your company from a virtual ghost town to a thriving business where customers come and go, and profits keep growing. However, the secret to PPC success won’t be cracked by just choosing some keywords, throwing together an ad, setting up a budget, and sending visitors to your website. You need a strategy that will keep costs down and conversion rates high. The most...

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Brand Strategy for Your Business

Do you think that the importance of a branding strategy for a business is overrated? Have you ever wondered why gurus in the industry guarantee success with a well-planned and executed branding strategy and predict dire consequences and even failure for businesses with no planned route for its brand?The reason is that they know that a business is more than just selling products and services to customers. It’s about understanding your target market and making...

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Guaranteed 1st Spot on Google Search Results – Does promise work?

I can “Guarantee” 1st spot and page results on Google and Bing!“We’re better than most, and we get companies that coveted top-spot.” Do you, can you or should you believe digital marketing agencies or internet marketing consultants that promise they can get you “TOP placement” or “the number 1 Spot” for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertised search results on Google? How about that organic 1st spot, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?I get calls all the time...

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Social Media – A Great Tool to Boost Your New Business

Do you know how much important the social media, especially, for a new business? It may come as a surprise, but social media marketing leads to 100% higher results—when compared to outbound marketing. If you started a new business, it’s very important for you to build a healthy social media presence. If you're still unsure about maintaining your social image at this point of the game, you need to keep reading. Here are some of the...

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Results Driven Marketing, LLC Wins Top Award

Philadelphia, PA -  March 14, 2017.  Results Driven Marketing, LLC was recognized today by Expertise.com as a top Digital Marketing Agency in Philadelphia. RDM was ranked and compared to 344 Digital Agencies in Philadelphia, cracking the top 10 according to Expertise’s comprehensive analysis. The goal of Seattle, Washington-based Expertise.com is to connect people with the best local experts. RDM was scored against other internet marketing industry leaders, comparing 25 variables across five categories, resulting in a hand-picked...

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SEO—Ways to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Are you an owner of a small or new business? It might shock you to learn that more than 70% of the people searching on the internet never seem to go past the first page of search results. Usually, these are individuals who search for urgent necessities online. Since they are in a hurry, they hardly have any time to open the rest of the links that are being provided by search engines. This reveal is bound...

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