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The Google Girls’ Guide to Deals and Freebies for National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day Deals and Freebies Today is this Google Girl’s favorite day of the year, National Coffee Day! Nothing helps us get through a long day of “Turning Clicks Into Clients” better than a cup (or cups) of coffee! Luckily, living in Philadelphia means that there is a coffee shop on every block, so the caffeine opportunities are endless. No matter what part of the city you are in today, there will be a coffee...

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Five Tips for Creating Viral Content Using Social Media Marketing

Viral ContentViral content is all the rage on the Internet in today’s age. Newsfeeds are filled with videos and listicles that are popular among the viewers. Viral social media marketing is most sought after by brands today because it can capture the attention of the target audience with straightforward and creative ideas. However, it is important to get the content right for a post or video to go viral. The most difficult task is to create content...

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How to Use Search Engine Optimization Tools to Market Events

How to Use SEO to Market EventsMarketing events can be done in the traditional way, or it can be kicked up a notch by using SEO tools. These tools, if properly used by you, can create awareness on any topic of your choice. We as a digital marketing agency live by these rules, but have you implemented them for your business? We’ve listed a few tips below to create awareness on exactly how you can manage...

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Google Girls: How to Become a Philadelphia Foodie on a Budget

How to Become a Philadelphia Foodie on a Budget Believe it or not, restaurants everywhere are a huge fan of marketing, even the blend of digital marking that the home of the Google Girls, Results Driven Marketing specializes in. They employ all sorts of different campaigns in person and online to better their online presence to the loyal foodie community of Philadelphia. The tricky part about restaurants using marketing is that sometimes the good deals are...

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Using LinkedIn For Social Media Marketing and Generating B2C Leads

 Hacking LinkedIn to Generate B2C LeadsBeing on LinkedIn is now more a compulsion than a fashion statement. Since it practically is teeming with people who are looking for services, that means more jobs from different clients and a truckload of leads that are qualified and can be potentially turned into clients. In the worst case, you can find many referrals on this platform. We as a digital marketing agency put this in practice, and it shows...

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The Benefits of Using Digital Marketing and the Web for Law Firms

The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Law FirmsAccording to a study in 2015, more than 17% of people aged between 18-24 and 21.4% of people above the income of $150k a year look for lawyers online. These statistics are from a survey in 2015. Though most people primarily rely on word of mouth for finding legal representation, there is an upward trend of people who are using the web for finding a lawyer. Even in instances...

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How to Explain Search Engine Optimization to Non-SEO Folks

Explaining SEO to Non-SEO FolksDo people give you a blank stare when you talk about SEO, or have you found it difficult to explain what SEO is all about to your colleagues? If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, there could be more than one reason behind it. For some people, SEO can sound just like Greek and Latin and for others who are somewhat aware of the subject, it might sound very complicated...

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The Impact Of Your Content Marketing On The Buyer’s Journey

How to Map Your Customer's Journey People know that content can be helpful in “turning clicks into clients”, yet many don’t understand exactly how content fits into the big picture—your customer’s journey. In order to understand how to approach your customers, it’s important first to understand how they might react to your marketing efforts. The first step in any marketing strategy is creating a buyer persona. Doing so helps to show you what it’s like to be...

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Digital Marketing Strategy: Optimizing for Voice Search in SEO

Why You Need to Start Optimizing for Voice SearchGoogle releases updates to its search algorithm on a near constant basis, and digital marketers are constantly required to adapt if they plan to hold on to hard-won placement on the search engine results page (SERP). One of the newest shifts in focus for SEOs is voice search, a mechanism for finding information that has in many ways, fundamentally changed the discovery process for searchers. What is Voice...

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How to Bridge the Gap With Writing for Humans and Computers

Most people subscribe to the notion that in order to rank with SEO efforts, you need to suck up to the search engines and spam your desired keywords over every page element that you possibly can. While this might have been a winning tactic in the early days where search engine sophistication was limited, these tactics can now be labelled as “black hat." Black hat SEO tactics can cause penalties, or at worse, deindexation. Though...

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