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The Google Girls Philadelphia Music Festivals and Converts

The Google Girls: Summer music festivals and concerts in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia is known for having fun music festivals and concerts all summer long. When the Google Girls and other RDM employees are taking a break from listening to our different office playlists, we try to explore the various concerts and festivals that happen in the city!There are many different music festivals going on during the summertime. Here is a list of some of the best music festivals & concerts that you should check out this...

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Advertising

There’s a new internet marketing strategy taking the web by storm. It’s called native advertising, and chances are you’ve already seen it without realizing it. If it was a particularly skillfully executed example of native advertising, it likely affected your decisions without you even thinking about it. That's the goal, and it's one reason why this unique form of internet marketing has become so popular. However, to understand the implications of native advertising, especially when it...

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Rock-Solid Branding Strategy

How to Create a Strong Branding Strategy for your Business

What is a brand? A brand is the image of everything your business is and works hard to accomplish on the back-end, behind closed doors. It is extremely important that you take it seriously, and apply the time and effort required to create a strong branding strategy. That is the difference between an unknown company and a Pepsi or Apple. Be Consistent One of the most important things is consistency.It is immensely vital in allowing your brand to...

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The Google Guys: Sporting Events To Do in Philadelphia!

Ever wonder what the folks over at Results Driven Marketing do during the summer when they’re not Turning Clicks into Clients™ and want to catch some high-level sporting action? Philadelphia during the summer is not only filled with many festivals, beer gardens, and other attractions but also with many sporting events.It is well-known that Philadelphia is a diehard sports town through and through, but unfortunately, the professional teams haven’t had too much success recently. That’s...

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The Google Girls 5 Best Philadelphia Themed Instagram Accounts

The Google Girls: 5 Best Philadelphia Themed Instagram Accounts

Ever wonder what the Google Girls' favorite Philadelphia-based Instagram accounts are? Before I dive into my list of Philly’s best Instagram feeds, I want to take a minute to reflect on the genius that is woven into some of these accounts, and how it is affecting the current social media marketing scene. The average time spent on social media every day is soaring. With the increase of time spent, entertaining content is growing a well. In...

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Web Design

Web Design: 6 Ways to Improve User Experience and Engagement

When you invest time and money in web design, you expect your website to work. You want to provide users with the information they want, impress them with simple but elegant design, make it easy to complete tasks and navigate, provide clear direction from initial engagement to call to action to sales and do all of it quickly and efficiently on both desktops and mobile devices.After all, if users are turned off by a website that hurts...

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social media marketing instagram

How Businesses Can Benefit from Social Media Marketing on Instagram

As the cliché goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." This is very true in today’s world; images take precedence over words by themselves. Making it very important to choose images that represent your brand and business well.Effective, properly executed social media marketing strategies stimulate the senses. The intended effect is to arouse someone's attention. This way, the association between the business and the social media marketing strategy get linked together.Instagram is typically associated...

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Playlist Friday: Songs from Movies Edition!

Search Engine Optimization and all things digital are our passion over here at Results Driven Marketing. But did you know we have a thing for music, too? We have so much fun planning and sending in requests for our weekly themed playlist. This week we picked our favorite or most rememberable songs from movies. Nothing helps our team keep Turning Clicks into Clients more than jamming out to music in the office. We hope you enjoy it as...

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the google girls- summertime things to do in philly

The Google Girls: Things To Do in Philadelphia During the Summertime!

Ever wonder what the RDM employees are doing here in Philadelphia when they are not Turning Clicks into Clients™? Philadelphia in the summer is filled with local attractions, festivals, and parks that are guaranteed to attract anyone. When were are not helping our clients reach their goals, we like to take a break and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Here is a list of our favorite things to do during the summertime...

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Why Every Website Should have Live Chat to Help Brand Strategy

Every business understands quality customer service is vital to its long-term success. However, what you may find yourself wondering is what goes into creating quality customer service to help your brand strategy.Basically, this experience occurs when your business caters to your customer's needs before, during, and after the sale. The easiest way of doing this is by hosting a live chat on your website. While this is one reason every website should have a live...

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