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Display Advertising: A Key Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Display Advertising is a Key Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy It takes businesses a while to build their presence in the online world.  The only criteria to get better conversions are the amount of traffic that you can get to the online face of your business.  And if you’re going to stick to only organic ways to generate traffic … It is sure going to take a lot more time without using paid methods....

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Why Visual Content is Key to Successful Social Media Marketing

How Visual Content is Key to Being Successful With Social Media MarketingIf you haven’t noticed already, we are spending more and more time on our smartphones these days. When we are not browsing through photos on Instagram, we are watching videos on Facebook, or liking and sharing images and memes. It is safe to say that visual content has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the recent past. As people are getting busier, the need...

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Why Changing Your Website to HTTPS is Good For Your Website

Creating a functioning and good website is not something that can happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, energy, and sometimes money to get a good site up and running. Just as modern day technology does, the internet is constantly changing. Users are using more than just a computer to surf the web. To make sure your users are quickly maneuvering your website, you need to stay up to date with changing technology. Since Google’s...

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Digital Marketing: The Basics Behind Link Building for Your Company

The Basics of Link Building Search engine algorithms sift through many factors when crawling through pages on the internet.  Among the factors that they use for ranking, inbound links from popular websites leading to yours can play a substantial role in increasing your website rankings. So when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, link building is one of the areas that you might want to focus on. What is Link Building? When we talk about...

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Looking To Boost Your Business? Try Blogs!

Want Your Business to Get Found on Google? Start Blogging Digital marketers and business owners alike are always looking for the best ways to increase site traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You’ve probably heard the basics before: choosing targeted keywords to incorporate into your site content, ensuring links lead visitors to pages with relevant headlines, and designing your site for easy navigation are all crucial for turning a Google search query into a site click. However,...

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Google Girls’ Introduction to : A Structured Data Memoir

The Google Girls’ Introduction to <girl_Kode/>: A Structured Data Memoir  The world of structured data, coding, and technology has been dominated for decades by the male sex, due to the “masculinity” and amount of “power” this industry holds, up until the 21st century that is. Men do hold the higher number of warm bodies in the field, at a whopping 73% while women are the smaller 27%. Even though men have the higher physical presence in...

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Five Digital Marketing Trends That You Should Watch Out For in 2018

Five Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018 Staying ahead of your competitors is a continuous process. If you have an online presence it doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in; the digital marketing efforts are concentrated towards bringing you more qualified leads. If you are still using the age-old strategies of digital marketing, you are probably leaving money on the table. In the internet marketing world, things seem to be in perpetual...

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How to Bring SEO and Content Marketing Together to Drive Results

Incorporating SEO and Content Marketing Often times you might wonder which one you should focus on; SEO or content marketing to drive maximum traffic? The last year has witnessed many stories along the lines of “content marketing is here to replace SEO.” The two that are made out to be rivals are in fact not mutually exclusive. When you create content without any search engine optimization, you may have incredible content but no one to...

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The Google Girls: How the Philadelphia Eagles are Rising to the Top

How the Philadelphia Eagles are Rising to the TopHere at Results Driven Marketing, most of the Google Girls are very big Philadelphia sports fans! I, for one, consider myself a “die-hard” Philadelphia Eagles fan. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved the Philadelphia Eagles. Being born into a very die-hard family on the outskirts of Philadelphia helped me to become a huge Philadelphia fan. There are many pictures of me donned...

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Why Backlinks are One of the Most important SEO Tools for Businesses

Backlinks are an Important SEO ToolIt’s a well-known fact that backlinks make up an essential part of any SEO strategy. But, not all backlinks are made equal and each of them serve a specific purpose. They help search engines know that you are an authority in your domain and help a multitude of people find your site. There are many different kinds of backlinks, from nofollow, dofollow, informational, directory, forums and on and on, it could...

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