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Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research in 2017

Have you ever wondered how Google just seems to find answers to your queries? This is because Search Engine Optimization was done right for the companies that show up in the results. What is Search Engine Optimization?A search engine is a web tool that presents an aggregation of data for the topic you are searching. The data could be a mix of images, videos, and text. The objective of a search engine is to display the...

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Results Driven Marketing, The Google Girls

The Google Girl’s Playlist Friday- Favorite Albums of the Summer

Today we are combining our weekly playlist Friday and our Google Girl’s Blog! I interviewed everyone in the office to make this master list of their favorite songs from the hottest albums of the summer. This season was fantastic for so many reasons, the constant stream of music was an essential factor. P.S. We included some of our Google Guys, too!As we head into the start of the school year, we are going remember all...

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Why You Should Not Even Bother With a Half-Assed Blog Post

Why You Shouldn't Even Bother With a Half-Assed Blog Post Data from a Content Marketing Institute report found that 44% of businesses aren't clear on what a successful marketing program looks like. Vague understandings lead to ill-informed execution, and most businesses believe that more is better when it comes to creating content. This unfortunate assumption forms the basis for most content marketing strategies. It certainly does not help that many content marketers and their company blogs adopt...

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Why Changing Your Website to HTTPS is Good For Your Website

Creating a functioning and good website is not something that can happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, energy, and sometimes money to get a good site up and running. Just as modern day technology does, the internet is constantly changing. Users are using more than just a computer to surf the web. To make sure your users are quickly maneuvering your website, you need to stay up to date with changing technology. Since Google’s...

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The Google Girls: SEO Tools in the Fashion Industry

Search Engine Optimization in the Fashion IndustryThe industry of fashion is ever-changing. Trends, as well as brand names, rotate through a constant cycle of going in and out of style while trying to remain dominant in the fashion industry. With fashion being one of the most cutthroat industries, all brands, whether smaller or larger companies, online only or in-store, regularly compete with one another for consumer business. The fashion industry is unlike any other. When it comes...

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digital marketing playlist friday rdm Philadelphia

Playlist Friday: Artists From Philadelphia

This week Results Driven Marketing is thinking about how awesome it is to work in Center City, Philadelphia! Philly has the best of everything, the best cheesesteaks, parks, restaurants, national monuments and much more. You may not know that we have a pretty great music scene, as well. So we decided to make one of our famous Playlist Friday's with only artists that are from the Philadelphia Area. This list includes Pink, Taylor Swift, Patti Labelle, PnB...

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Why Visual Content is Key to Successful Social Media Marketing

How Visual Content is Key to Being Successful With Social Media MarketingIf you haven’t noticed already, we are spending more and more time on our smartphones these days. When we are not browsing through photos on Instagram, we are watching videos on Facebook, or liking and sharing images and memes. It is safe to say that visual content has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the recent past. As people are getting busier, the need...

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Make Your Internet Marketing Better By Using Backlinks On Your Website

When you are writing a blog, the end goal is for it to reach as wide an audience as possible. You want more and more people to read it and share it with other people. You want to increase traffic to your website and boost your Google rankings as well. So when it comes to content marketing, consistently high number of views is what you should be aiming for. One of the most effective ways...

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How Myspace Gave a Google Girl Passion For Coding and Web Design

How Myspace Gave a Google Girl Her Passion For Coding and Web Design As a driven young professional in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, I am always looking to improve myself.  I want to drive better results at my Philadelphia based agency, Results Driven Marketing (Hopefully, that pun is funny. I am not sure if it is). I want to be as well rounded as possible, to be marketable for building my own career. However,...

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Display Advertising: A Key Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Display Advertising is a Key Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy It takes businesses a while to build their presence in the online world.  The only criteria to get better conversions are the amount of traffic that you can get to the online face of your business.  And if you’re going to stick to only organic ways to generate traffic … It is sure going to take a lot more time without using paid methods....

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