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Why Search Engine Marketing Is Essential For A New Business

Do you know what a great business does differently from its competitors; that attracts loads of customer traffic? Both offer the same services, yet one is at the very top of the food chain, while the other one is finding it really hard to survive in the highly competitive industry. The difference is not in the offering, but in how you offer it and how you choose to market it. Marketing—that is the magic word...

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5 Reasons Why Every Website Should Have Live Chat

Websites have come a long way from being simple online billboards for individual brands. Today, your visitors expect a vibrant and interactive presence that answers their questions and allows them to become customers if interested without any friction. A number of websites can help you accomplish that goal, but perhaps none is more vital to success than the ability to respond to any inquiries instantly. Here are 5 reasons why every website should have live chat incorporated...

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How To Use LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing For Your Business

LinkedIn has grown exponentially since its debut in December of 2002. While it was originally formed as a networking and job hunting site, LinkedIn has expanded to become the premier social media marketing site for businesses to market and find leads, especially B2B companies. If you are in a B2B industry and have not yet tried using LinkedIn to prospect for leads, you may be missing out on a valuable resource for qualified prospects. Since...

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Web Design

Why Adaptive And Responsive Web Design Is Vitally Important Now

A little over 1/4 of the world's population and a little over 2/3 of the population of the United States now own a smartphone. Additionally, roughly 1/3 of the people in the United States has a tablet. Between smartphones and tablets, all of these users are now spending more time on their mobile devices than on desktops or laptops, and mobile-only use is growing while desktop-only use is shrinking. What does all of this mean? If your site isn't adjusted to...

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SEO is key

2 Simple SEO Strategies To Implement In Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization remains highly effective in 2016.   With Google receiving over 100 billion searches per month, it is certainly the preferred choice for consumers and decision-makers to finding solutions to problems, looking up product information, and locating nearby stores.  Therefore, implementing sound SEO techniques into your website and blog content is vital to being found in the search results by your ideal audience. The good news about SEO is that there are simple ways you can leverage this in...

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Honing PPC Marketing by Studying ROI Metrics

 Internet marketing can be intimidating. There are so many rules that seem to change constantly, and good marketing plans need to be researched and tested well in advance of full implementation. Additionally, content marketing is a long-term project with a wide choice of platforms and sites to advertise on. One of the most effective lead generating channels is Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. How to Create Effective PPC Marketing If you are not an expert on PPC marketing,...

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Professional Online Reputation Repair

Professional Reputation Repair Can Repair Damage from Negative Online Reviews  In the world of owning a business, ensuring that your business has a good name is important. It always has been. Even business owners from many years ago knew how important word of mouth really was. Today, however, it's easier than ever before for a business to get a bad reputation, and it is harder to fix it. In the pre-digital age, people might tell their friends...

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SEO Digital RDM

Content Marketing Using SEO Works Better For Local Businesses

Content marketing for Search Engine Optimization is the big online trend, and, the best part is, it works even better for local businesses than it does for national and multinational companies.

Marcus Discovered SEO the Hard Way

In 2007, his swimming pool company in Northern Virginia did very well. In 2008, after the financial crash . . . not so well.


Back against the wall, Marcus went online to research how to save his business.

What Did His Customers Want to Know?

That’s what Marcus asked himself. He wrote posts telling people everything they needed and wanted to know about in-ground fiberglass pool construction.

The Search Engines Loved Him

No other swimming pool installation company online was writing about the business as Marcus was. His blog posts ranked highly in Google for hundreds of swimming pool keywords.


Within six months, his Pool and Spa website got more traffic than any other pool construction site. The leads and sales wouldn’t stop pouring in. Annual revenue went up to $6 million.


What did he do that had this turnaround occur?  What worked so well?