Why Backlinks are One of the Most important SEO Tools for Businesses

Backlinks are an Important SEO Tool

It’s a well-known fact that backlinks make up an essential part of any SEO strategy. But, not all backlinks are made equal and each of them serve a specific purpose. They help search engines know that you are an authority in your domain and help a multitude of people find your site.


There are many different kinds of backlinks, from nofollow, dofollow, informational, directory, forums and on and on, it could be quite intimidating for a lot of people. We decided to clear the air and take a deeper look into the jargons that make up the world of backlinks.


Here are the most common types:


Editorial Links: Finding a place in an article in a high authority website like the NYTimes or Huffington post is a boon for your website. These websites are regarded highly trustworthy by search engines. If an article links to your site, be sure search engines will look at your site favorably.


It could be very difficult to get your business featured on these high profile publications. A well thought out topic or a unique take on an age old idea, which is beneficial to the readers, can get your article or study published. And, the subtle mention of your website in the body without trying to push your product can work wonders for your organic ranking.


Links from Blog Comments: Joining in on a conversation and adding value to it is the best thing you can do for your brand. Search for blogs on similar topics and get involved in the comments section, not just a one-liner. And, refrain from being sneaky and posting your links in comments. Just mention your website in the information box provided and if it is relevant put in a link to a similar article you’ve posted on your blog.


Directory Links: If you have a brick and mortar business or offering services locally, make sure you enlist your website on local directories. You’ll be at an advantage if you can find directories that specifically have business listings in your niche. It also helps businesses who offer services nationwide; you’ll just have to find appropriate directories to list in.


Forums: Though this method is moderately time-consuming, it helps expand your link profile. You’ll have to find forums in your niche, and then look for questions people are asking about services that you offer. If you do it right by answering queries and sharing content of your website that is useful, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.


Be mindful of the rules of the forum, as some forums do not allow posting links to your website. Some might require the moderator or admin’s permission before doing so.


Guest Posts: Backlinks from guest posts have been exploited way too much in the past. So when you take this route make sure that you create content that solves a problem, is relatable, unique and shareable. That way, more people are likely to link to your post than if you blatantly marketed your product or service. Avoid guest posting on general or non-related websites as it will make your backlink profile look spammy.


Shareable Content: Similar to guest posts, if you create content that is visual and either makes a complex topic simple or is educational, it’s more likely to get shared. Infographics, slides and Youtube videos are perfect to create content of this sort. If you make this content free to use if you’re given the credit, you will earn backlinks every time your content is shared.


Other types of backlinks include:


  • Informational: Similar to a dictionary, it leads to pages with more information on related or linked words.
  • Definitional: These links provide detailed definition of linked words.
  • Referential: Shareable content that links to your website.
  • Promotional: Links from other websites to the landing page or homepage of your website.


With so many different varieties of backlinks available to enhance the organic rankings of your website, no wonder link building is given such importance. If you want to learn more about Results Driven Marketing and how we are Turning Clicks Into Clients™, visit our website or contact us at (215) 393-8700.


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