7 Key Strategies To Boost The Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing


7 Key Strategies To Boost The Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing


Content marketing is a form of marketing that targets on building, publishing and circulating content for a targeted audience. Content marketing is the bridge between marketing and the telling of a story, and it is not always aimed at selling things. The core of content marketing is about building trust with the intention of it turning into sales down the line. It is used to increase brand awareness by building content in the form of blog posts, guest articles, videos and others.  


No matter what anyone says, content is still King; though the form of the content may be changing. Here are some tips on how to boost the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.


  1.     Engage with a story: Storytelling is an art; that matters a lot in content marketing. Many product evangelists have asserted that storytelling will always be considered the core of a brand’s content marketing strategy. Today, social media has evolved to create a host of situations where customers can be engaged with stories. It is only smart that we take advantage of this evolution in the creation and distribution of content marketing based on stories. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have all adopted the storytelling format which has created new opportunities for businesses.
  2.     Make it customer-centric: The innate tendency is to focus content marketing on your business and what you offer. However, tailoring it to the customer is what works for successful content marketing campaigns. There is a very fine line between promotional marketing and content marketing, and it is crucial to understand this demarcation. Instead of talking about what you do and how you do it, think about answering customer questions like “what’s in it for me?”. Content marketing is fairly simple when you keep your customer in mind.
  3.     Maintaining consistency with content: Ensure that the voice of each article, blog post, or video is consistent and steady across all social media or online channels. Set a strategy and voice early on in the campaign to understand what will perform best with your target audience. Once the content is clear, try to maintain consistency in the tone. One article with a nonchalant tone and another one with the tone of a successful influencer might work adversely and confuse your audience. Your customers might consider moving to your competitors.
  4.     Be visible on social media: Social media is your best bet for content distribution. You might be reluctant on mixing your content strategy and social media strategy, but think about it- roughly 70% of B2B marketers distribute their content across social media channels. Social media is growing and will continue to grow and be a potent part of content marketing planning. People continue to admire fresh content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even new tools like Snapchat. This is the best time to make the most of social media to engage your customers.
  5.     Take note of feedback: Listening to your customers plays an important role in content creation because you will get a lot of new content ideas. Customers are very vocal about their preferences, and you have to make use of their involvement. It can get pretty difficult to follow and manage all your social media accounts for content building. A single stream platform like Sprout Social that has keyword monitoring tools will help you take charge of your social engagement.
  6.     Listen to your employees: Like customers, employees can also offer valuable content. Employees are a trusted source who are already aware of the brand. They are not seeking information about your brand, but they are offering you solutions. Subject matter experts brainstorming with employees about industry trends and your brand offerings will result in a layer of solid content, impressing your audience.
  7.     SEO is important: Search Engine Optimization will make or break your content marketing strategy. There is no point in creating content online when you cannot be sure it is reaching the right audience. SEO is one of the best ways to target and grow your audience organically via content marketing. Ensuring that your content has strong long tail keywords about your business including alt text for images, authoritative outbound links, and internal links where appropriate are some of the basics that need to be followed as a part of a solid SEO strategy.


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