4 Things to Remember When Optimizing Your Website for Mobile


According to the latest com Score report, an average American spends 71% of their digital screen time on a mobile device. It’s no more a luxury to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing for mobile, but a necessity.


Every year Google announced at least a couple of official updates for its search algorithm. And it’s becoming increasingly obvious that they are moving towards a mobile first world.


As the total number of users who prefer mobile slowly take over desktop users, personalized search, deep learning and relevance of local search are going to dominate SEO in the years to come.


In spite of the changing landscape, many businesses don’t have a plan to deal with the trends and convert mobile traffic. Apart from designing responsive websites for mobile, mobile SEO is increasingly playing an important part in ranking well on SERP’s.


Here are a few things to keep in mind according to SEO experts:


Trust The Process: Establishing your business on search engines, specifically, Google is a slow process.

It depends on the age of your site (how long your domain has been registered), the content you create and how often people link to your website. Just like in human relationships, trust takes time to build.


If you go by what the designers of the search engines are saying…  you should be creating websites keeping your “users” in mind and not trying to game or hack the ranking system.


Content is King: Good Content should always be the heart of your website, and it would be a cardinal sin to ignore it. Conclusive evidence from most surveys points to the fact that quality always reigns over quantity.


So, thin content without substance and low word count is a strict no-no when it comes to SEO.


You can read another blog from us on creating good content.


Backlinks, Backlinks Backlinks: Backlinks are a sign of authority. The greater the number of backlinks you have to your site, higher the chances that other people are looking up to you as an authority in that niche.


Although, all backlinks are not created equal. Be particularly careful of not being linked from a spammy website, and don’t use unethical means like buying backlinks. It pays to get links from good, clean and genuine websites.


Again this process takes time to build. You should also keep in mind that the quality of the backlink is a more important parameter than the number of backlinks. Backlinks are one of our top 5 ways to boost your internet  marketing strategy.


Page Speed kills: Doesn’t a slow loading page turn you off? We are an impatient bunch… we want everything at the snap of a finger, even quicker if possible. User experience is everything and page speed a big part of that.


Google has realized this and is currently testing a framework called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in collaboration with Twitter to serve a diet version of your web page on mobile devices.


This is still a work in progress…  but having a mobile adapted version of your website can’t be an afterthought anymore.


There are 3 ways you could serve your mobile version of a website

  • Create a responsive website
  • Create a separate mobile version
  • Serve the mobile version depending on what device the request comes from (Dynamic serving)


Important things to keep in mind while you design and test your website is that your website should load under 3 seconds, must be designed for easy scrolling and keeping finger sizes in mind. There shouldn’t be any flash or pop-ups that could severely hamper the user experience on small screen sizes.


In case you aren’t confident of handling these yourself,  Results Driven Marketing which specializes in SEO can take care of your needs.  RDM can also educate you on the ways to build traffic to your website. Contact us and our team of Digital Marketing experts to help get more qualified leads to your business.


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